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"Teen Mom 2" Work Drama!

Listen up "Teen Mom 2" cast: always make sure that what you are doing when it comes to your job is either legal or up to code! This past season, we saw dedicated student Chelsea Houska almost get denied her esthetician (sp) license for supposedly helping a friend with an event on the side. She did end up getting it and went on to work at a plush spa. Now, Leah Messer Calvert is following in Chelsea's footsteps but this time, there may be NO license in her future...EVER. Leah and her friends have been reportedly operating a salon-like business without any certifications or licenses. Leah is apparently in her first year of cosmetology school but that in no way allows her to run any type of styling company. There are provisions to the rules that she and friends ignored so now they are being investigated and I cannot wait to hear the outcome. Wait...she worked for Mary Kay so she is more than qualified! Duh!