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Holly Madison Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2!

If you watched E!'s hit reality show "The Girls Next Door," you know how badly Holly Madison wanted a family. She got that dream a few years after she left the Mansion and Hugh Hefner when she met Pasquale Rotella. They welcomed baby Rainbow Aurora and had a dream Disneyland wedding.

We Love You, David Bowie!

It has been a tough year in music...and it is only the middle of January. We have lost so many but the one that I thought I was being punked on was David Bowie , who died at age 69. I never really got to do a Three Ice Cubes proper tribute to the icon who brought us Ziggy Stardust and even some romantic scandal between he and Mick Jagger. Here is my favorite Bowie song, sung by my favorite artist, Rob Thomas. Rest In Peace, David for you were game-changer in music who transcended generations and will continue to live on. XO

Mandi's Thoughts On the 2016 Oscars!

Everyone from Spike Lee to Jada Pinkett Smith seem to be up in arms over the lack of diversity for the 2016 Oscar nominations. I think it was referred to as lilly white but I could be wrong. Here's the thing: we have an impeccable black host in Chris Rock who will make sure that everyone feels uncomfortable in the most comfortable way. Trust me, it makes sense.