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Top 20 on 'American Idol' Revealed!

photo courtesy of The top 20 of "American Idol" have been revealed and it is so exciting, considering we won't see the actual results until next Monday, April 1st. Here they are so we hope you like spoilers! -MADISON VANDENBURG -SHAWN ROBINSON -EDDIE ISLAND -EVELYN CORMIER -ALYSSA RAGHU -RYAN HAMMOND -RAQUEL TRINIDAD -LOGAN JOHNSON -DIMITRIUS GRAHAM -RILEY THOMPSON -WALKER BURROUGHS -BUMBLY -ASHLEY HESS -ALEJANDRO ARANDA -LAINE HARDY -KATE BARNETTE -UCHE -JEREMIAH LLOYD HARMON -LACI KAYE BOOTH -WADE COTA We hope your favorites were not left in Hawaii! Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes! And do not forget to catch the show Monday night on ABC at 8pm.

'The Act' on Hulu is What We've Been Waiting For!

  photo courtesy of 'Dirty John'  was the best limited series in a long time and we were lucky to have a handful of jaw-dropping episodes to watch every Sunday on Bravo. Hulu has followed suit with the based on true events limited series, 'The Act,' starring the brilliant Patricia Arquette and breakout, Joey King . The show documents the lives of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a very twisted relationship between mother and daughter that ended in murder. For years, Dee Dee had convinced everyone around her, everywhere she went, and pretty much in the world that daughter, Gypsy, was very ill, gaining her fame, notoriety, and a lot of charitable contributions. She claimed she suffered from an array of ailments, forced her to use a wheelchair, shave her head, and undergo unneeded surgeries, as well as take unwarranted meds. It was deemed, after her passing, Dee Dee suffered from Munchhausen syndrome by proxy ; it was Gypsy's boyfriend, Nick Godejo

Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby #3!

  photo courtesy of She's here! After months of swollen ankles, excessive weight gain, and what seemed like the most torturous pregnancy, Jessica Simpson's baby girl has finally arrived. Jessica, 38 and husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed baby number three, Birdie Mae, yesterday, weighing in at 10lbs., 13oz. She joins sister Maxwell, almost 7 and brother, Ace, 5. This pregnancy came as a surprise to fans when the singer/mogul announced the news via her children in August. She struggled a lot this round, even seeking advice from fans on Instagram as to how to handle her swollen ankles and resorted to cupping for relief. She celebrated her baby shower with family and friends where the theme was all about Birdie leading onlookers to believe this was the chosen moniker. We wish the family all the best and cannot wait to see the new family of five in all of their glory!

Kristoff St. John's Cause of Death Revealed!

  photo courtesy of When "The Young & the Restless" star, Kristoff St.Joh n unexpectedly passed away on February 3rd, many assumed it was self-inflicted. The soap actor had never quite been the same since his son died in 2014 by suicide after battling mental illness. Now, we have all of the answers we have waited over a month for. The 52-year-old's actual cause of death was heart disease as well as an accidental alcohol overdose, according to the coroner and is being ruled an accident. Several former Y&R co-stars will be returning to the show for an official sendoff to St.John at the end of April, including Shemar Moore . We hope he is finally at peace and he and Julian are reunited though still very saddened at this tragic loss.

Did Your Fave Netflix Show Get the Boot?

  photo courtesy of It always seems when your favorite shows get cancelled, they may find second life on Netflix of possibly Hulu. Sadly, even subscription services need a fanbase in order to keep shows in rotation and when numbers drop, executives have to make some serious decisions...and cuts viewers may not always be in favor of. Today, it was announced the 'One Day At a Time' revival would be leaving after season three.Though the show was beloved and groundbreaking, even getting this third season based on a Twitter campaign, there just aren't enough viewers to make a fourth season worth the money. That being said, the show will be shopped around to other networks and it could find new life on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or a cable network. But, that is not the only show Netflix has had to drop the axe on. Here are some more shows not seeing another season: -The Get Down -Haters Back Off! -The Punisher -Jessica Jones -Friends From College -Nightflyers An

'Married At First Sight' Shocker!

photo courtesy of Who watched 'Married At First Sight' last night? If you have yet to watch the latest episode and you do not want any spoilers, do not read any further. So, the couples all met for a mini-moon as decision day is coming up super soon. This means the four couples- Jasmine/Will, Keith/Kristine, Luke/Kate, and AJ/Stephanie- must decide if they will stay married or get a divorce. But, Kate has been keeping a secret she could no longer hide any longer. It has been no secret she and Luke have not been on the same page since they met on their wedding day. He was admittedly not attracted to her and even said he felt repulsed and dead inside upon kissing her. He even claimed she had an alcohol problem when meeting with Dr. Pepper so this has not been boding well. When we learned she would be revealing a secret on the latest episode, everyone wondered what it would be. I thought she would be revealing she and Luke had privately decided they would get d

Eden Marryshow Makes His Dreams Come True With the Release of BRUCE!!!!

When I met Eden Marryshow ( "Nurse Jackie" ) almost a decade ago in acting class, I knew he had what it took to become a super successful actor. Basically, he had what it took to do whatever he put his mind to. Not only was he amazingly talented but when he stepped out of his five-minute roles, he was one of the nicest men I had ever met in my life. Charming, considerate, kind, caring, and handsome to boot. How do men like that exist? They do and I was set to team up with him for a scene in class when I left. We both had dreams, we were both hard workers, and now, all of his hard work is paying off with the national theatrical release of his film "BRUCE!!!!" Not only does he star in the film, which revolves about a broke ass scam artist who finds his heart in the midst of one of his biggest scams, but he also directed it, garnering the ABFF Grand Jury Prize for Best Director.  Co-starring Jason Tottenham ( "Quantico" ) and Mle' Chester ( &quo

Meet the New 'RHONY' Housewife, Barbara Kavovit!

  photo courtesy of It is always an adjustment when a new housewife comes along. Sometimes, it is for the good (looking at you, Jackie Goldschneider) and sometimes, it is for the bad (Carlton Gebbia, Peggy what's her name from last season of RHOC). With the departure of longtime housewife, Carole Radziwill, 'RHONY ' needed someone new and why not bring in a friend of Luann de Lesseps since she is riding on the success of her cabaret show. Enter Barbara Kavovit , whom we last saw in season nine when she was telling Carole how Luann would rather go through with the marriage to Tom then call it off and be embarrassed. Basically, she was seemingly throwing her friend and her happiness under the bus, dreading a sham wedding but was still going for support. It all led to more Tom fodder in the Berkshires that holiday. But now, we will get to see Kavovit in a new light, as more than just a concerned wedding guest.  She is friends with both Luann and Dorinda, so