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Staying #Blessed By Charles Scott

We did a post last week praising our friends Billy Charles and Scott Greenwood on their new jewelry line #blessedbyCharlesScott. Since then, their business has blown up to epic proportions. Heather Marianna , star of "Tour Group," proudly displayed her bracelets from the collection and today, Brandi Glanville showed off her wine inspired bracelets. As you may or may not know, she has a wine called "Unfiltered Blonde," which everyone should try. It is amazing how these two long-term partners have evolved their passion into a worldwide blessing. We were honored to receive the #blessed take on Mardi Gras and now, we are so stoked that the next one has arrived: pink with an angel wing to keep away negative energy. Wearing these jewels should make you feel so lucky that you are blessed just to be a part of the #blessed family. Dusted with sage and now in personalized boxes, it is just inspiring to see how far these guys have come. Proof that anything is possibl

Is This the End For Big Ang?

Yesterday, Big Ang Raiola appeared on "The Dr. OZ Show " to talk about her stage 4 lung cancer that has spread. She also showed off her new bleached blonde pixie cut, a grand change from the larger than life reality star. Now, is reporting that the "Mob Wives" star has been rushed to the hospital and now a vigil is being held by her bedside. Husband Neil Murphy with whom Ang has had a tumultuous relationship with, has confirmed that he is at the hospital with her but that she is alive. A life without Big Ang would definitely be a sad one and a blow to the fans however, I think that she has made a big enough impression on this world and won't soon be forgotten. Our prayers and thoughts are with Ang and her family and friends. We will keep you posted as more news comes in.

What You Missed on "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6-B!

"Pretty Little Liars" has come back for the Winter and it is back in full-force. As you may know, the show bounced five years forward, which actually puts the liars where they should be after six+ seasons. In case you have not been able to keep up with this season thus far, Three Ice Cubes has you covered...and you will be thrilled with what has transpired.

Become #Blessed By Charles Scott!

Billy Charles has always been one of our favorite people in the blogosphere so when he and partner Scott Greenwood started making #blessed bracelets, we were beyond excited. It was not just that Billy and Scott were embarking on a new adventure, much like our friend Heather Marianna of "Tour Group" but because the bracelets are genuinely gorgeous. It is clear that they are handmade with nothing but love (and a dab of sage) and have quickly become a favorite accessory and essential part of one's daily wear.

More From "Tour Group" Stand-Out Heather Marianna

Heather Marianna Eats Up Beauty In the Kitchen of Life   For three and a half years, Heather Marianna has spent her time building up her own personal empire, Beauty Kitchen. Her concepts are simple household items that double as beautification products. Now, over three million people have become die-hard fans which helped as Marianna launched her own line, defined as a “luxurious at-home spa experience” that offers everything from bath bombs to monthly beauty boxes to champagne-scented bath soaks (Valentine’s anyone?)

From Beauty Kitchen to Bravo: Heather Marianna

Heather Marianna has been a friend of Three Ice Cubes for a while now and we are so excited to announce that she will appear on the new BRAVO reality series, "Tour Group." For six-weeks, she and ten other "strangers" (this sounds like "The Real World") will travel the world and see the most exotic and decadent locations. This is perfect for the Beauty Kitchen entrepreneur, who has used this time to not only vacation but take what she learned from her travels and infuse them into new and amazing products. Known for her colorful beauty bombs, there is no doubt that we will see something spicy and exciting coming from this trip and show aside from the weekly shenanigans that these tourists are bound to get in to.

Mandi's Thoughts on...Grease LIVE!

Sunday night, everyone was doing the hand jive during FOX's live version of the hit musical "Grease." This one starred "Dancing With the Stars" judge and dancer Julianne Hough and Broadway star Aaron Tveit. It was nerve wrecking to say the least after several lackluster acting performances from Hough and the dark cloud of Vanessa Hudgens father passing the night prior. So, after three hours, here is what I have to say: