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Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kids Should Be Ashamed of Themselves!

  photo courtesy of As Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine prepares to marry uber successful, Chris Pratt , we cannot help but wonder who will be on the guest list. Clearly, mom, Maria, brothers, Patrick and Christopher, sister, Christina, and dad, Arnold will make the cut but one person who will most likely not get to choose chicken or fish is half-brother, Joe Baena . The 21-year-old, who just celebrated his Pepperdine University graduation with his lookalike father by his side, has no relationship with his siblings as he was the product of an affair with the housekeeper. How is this Joe's fault? It is not? Should he be deprived of a family? No, he should not. But, Arnold's other kids seem so scorned over the affair, they are willing to forgive their dad but take it out on their brother. Pratt and his future wife are supposed to be heavy Christians so the hope is maybe they can find it in their hearts, prior to the wedding, to all come together an

Why It Looks Like Gypsy Rose Blanchard Can't Trust Anyone!

  photo courtesy of When Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentence to 10 years in prison in July 2015 for the murder of her mother, Dee Dee, it seemed like she would have a second chance at rebuilding the life she had seemingly lost. For most of her years, she was a victim of Munchausen by proxy, believing she had every ailment under the sun and never knowing her real age (she was in her 20s though she believed she was a teen). Her mother spent years convincing the medical community, fans, friends, support groups, and even Gypsy's father, Rod, that Gypsy was mentally challenged and was not capable of doing things on her own, including walking. Though both mother and daughter knew this last part was untrue, it came to a point where Gypsy felt the only way out of her situation was to completely erase her mom.  Swayed by fantasies and heroes in fairy tales, she met Nick Godejohn on a Christian dating website and he shared he had multiple personalities, though undiagnosed.

Where in the World Is 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Vanessa Cobbs?

  photo courtesy of Did anyone else's jaw drop to the floor when they read the addendum at the end of the season 2 'Seeking Sister Wife Tell All' or was it just us? Yes, despite the other "bombshells" like Bernie and Brandy necking after their first date and Jennifer faking her own death to avoid becoming an Alldredge (that was the least shocking), finding out Vanessa Cobbs had left the Snowden fam really was the OMG moment of the season. She underwent a move from Seattle to Atlanta to Cali; did a 21-day detox diet to get her pH in check so she could have sex with Dimitri without even knowing if it would be good; gave up meat and cheese; and had her lady parts steamed with her future sister wife all to get a beach proposal and an anklet (no ring). Then, she became the first Snowden sister wife after much scrutiny and it almost seemed like it could be a decent situation...until it wasn't. She was somewhat of a nanny for the family and transforme

'Married At First Sight' Reunion- What Changed?

  photo courtesy of As we all saw on the season eight finale of "Married at First Sight" last week, two couples stayed together while two others chose to go their separate ways. Luke and Kate clearly needed to divorce but had Kate not spoken first, I strongly feel Luke would have tried to get them to work the marriage out. AJ and Stephanie were going to stay together despite his temper because neither wanted to be alone at 37 and 35, respectively. Will and Jasmine were just cut from very different cloths and we knew she would want to stay married but we also knew the groom had checked out weeks ago. She was way too demanding, wanting him to pay for everything and he slept a lot when she wanted someone to be intimate with. It was a mess. The "experts" felt they were making a mistake but after this season, what do they really know?? Finally, Kristine and Keith decided to stay together and had they not, it would have been game over because he wors

Who Stayed Together on Married At First Sight?

  photo courtesy of Season eight of 'Married At First Sight' is over and in case you missed it, this is what happened with the four couples: - Stephanie and AJ : staying together - Will and Jasmine : CALLED IT! Jasmine decided she wanted to stay married but Will wanted a divorce. The experts thought it was a mistake but Will just could not get past their lack of communication and other issues.  - Kristine and Keith : stayed together. - Luke and Kate : she went first and said she wanted a divorce; he agreed but we believe he would have chosen to stay married if he had gone first but did not want to look like an ass. He failed. Next Tuesday at 9pm on Lifetime, three months will have gone by and we will catch up with the couples. And Luke's sexuality comes into question! Are you shocked by the results?

Three Ice Cubes Predictions For the Season 8 Finale of 'Married At First Sight'!

  photo courtesy of Tonight marks decision day for the season eight couples of 'Married At First Sight' and after watching this tumultuous cast, it is anybody's guess what will happen. The experts truly should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to these eight people but they did create entertaining television so, for viewers, it was worth it. For those directly involved, maybe not so much. Here is what we think will happen when the couples have to make their big decisions as to whether they will stay married or get a divorce (or sue the experts, which would be my avenue of choice): - Will and Jasmine: When they first got onto the show, there was a lot of hope and promise. Then, Jasmine pulled out her version of "gender roles" and Will did not want to be intimate with her, she continued to be super annoying so, in the end, we think...Jasmine will want to stay married and Will will want a divorce. - Stephanie and AJ: They loved each