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Janelle Brown To Be A Grandma Again

Credit: YouTube Sister Wives star Janelle Brown truly softened up when she became a grandmother for the first time. In 2017, her daughter Maddie gave birth to her baby boy Axel along with her husband Caleb Brush. This little boy became the apple of Janelle's eye. The love further grew when Maddie and Caleb announced in 2019 that they were expecting a second baby. Their little girl, Evie K. arrived later that year. Though she had some health concerns, she has radiated light and happiness since the day she came into the world.  At just one year old, little Evie underwent surgery which caused her to lose a foot. However, she has adapted extremely well to her prosthesis and is beyond a happy little camper. Hopefully, those adaptive skills translate to being a big sister because that is what she will be, come February 2023. Today, Maddie posted a photo to her Instagram with Axel in a "big brother" shirt while Evie wore a "big sister" shirt.  She then revealed that

Khloe Kardashian Welcoming Baby #2

credit: Instagram Khloe Kardashian is about to be a mom of two. People can confirm that Khloe and her ex, Tristan Thompson are expecting their second child together. However, this baby will be born via surrogate. Fans of The Kardashians know that the first season ended with Khloe discovering Tristan had cheated on her. More so, he had fathered a baby with someone else so it was a hot mess. Still, Khloe has always wanted another baby from him despite him being unfaithful. She was high risk so a surrogate was her best option. Their daughter, True is four years old and the second baby was conceived back in November. This means the surrogate is due around next month. Whether or not it will all be shown on Season 2 of the show is yet to be seen. It returns to Hulu in September so get ready for a real ride. What do you think of Khloe having another baby with Tristan?

'Pam & Tommy' Scores Emmy Nominations

credit: Instagram We said it all along and now, the day has come. Hulu's Pam & Tommy landed 10 Emmy nominations. The eight-part miniseries, based on the stolen sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee , captivated audiences. Much like the tape it was based on, the series was too good to look away from. Furthermore, it put all of the pieces into place. This was THE real first celebrity sex tape that went viral yet it was the backstory behind how it got leaked that was equally as captivating. The "characters" who are really just simulations of real-life larger-than-life personas were brilliantly played by Sebastian Stan (Tommy Lee) and Lily James (Pam Anderson).  Yes, it was questionable casting but the moment S. Stan stepped onto the screen in his thong and robe, it was clear they made the best decision ever. As for Lily James, she was beyond phenomenal that it was hard to see her out of costume. After watching the eight episodes (and craving more), it was clear t