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Mandi's "Halloween" Review: Should You See It?

  movie buddies! "Halloween" has been out a little over a week now and I was lucky enough to see it opening weekend, having purchased tickets in advance. I always say I am going to see this horror film and that horror film but it just never happens. I stayed pretty faithful to the "SAW" franchise, having seen "Jigsaw" last year but slacked a lot because I am not a big movie goer. With "Halloween," it seemed inevitable I would have to join in on the craze because my favorite horror film of all-time is "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I am admittedly very picky about my scary movie choices. I grew up with "Child's Play" and was a teen with the "Scream" series so I have had the best of both worlds. "Halloween" set the bar like TCM so again, very high expectations. I did see "Halloween: H20" and was terrified to see it but made it through and laughed at how scared I was. I did no

Whatever Happened to...Bethenny's Hockey Player Boyfriend?

photo courtesy of Very few things keep us up at night, here at Three Ice Cubes. Okay, that's a lie. Instagram stories, text messages, loudly chewing and snoring cats; but those are just minor. What about the truly plaguing things in life? Like the lingering questions old episodes of "The Real Housewives of New York City" brings up? The whole Housewives franchise is on Hulu and that being our favorite, it is fun to go down memory lane but then it gets us to wondering: whatever happened to Sonja's assistant, Connor? He just randomly disappeared after season nine along with almost all of her interns like Alex from season eight who was always confused with being her daughter! And one of the most pressing questions from season nine, since that's the most recent RHONY season on Hulu: what happened to Bethenny Frankel's pro hockey player boyfriend? You know, the one who appeared on the season finale and had to take his tooth out to eat a corned b

Megyn Kelly DUNZO at NBC!

  photo courtesy of Megyn Kelly is dunzo at NBC after making a blackface comment just two days ago. This is according to an US Weekly source who claims Kelly did not want to leave the network but has no choice. "She didn't want to leave NBC but was forced out by management. This is only just beginning to sink in for Megyn because it happened so quickly," the source shared today. Megyn posed the question about blackface in relation to Halloween and racism but quickly came under fire. She sent out an email apology but in 2018, that is just not enough. She took the day off from work but we will soon see how this plays out. Do you think she should keep her job or be gone for good? Let us know!

ICYMI: The Girls Trip to Jamaica on RHOC Quick-Cap!

photo courtesy of So much has been going on in the world that it is easy to forget about the RHOC . That and this season has been somewhat of a snoozefest, just saying. But, some of the best times, for any season of any franchise, are the vacations. Well, with the exception of going to Iceland last year (was it last year when we had Peggy and brought back Lydia) on RHOC because that trip sucked! For the season 13 trip, it was time to spice things up as Shannon had just experienced an epic sales debut on QVC with her food line so why not head to Jamaica? There were many questions: would fun Vicki finally come out? Would Gina and Emily get some respect from Shannon? How many times would Vicki scream "whoop it up" before she gets locked up? Well, ICYMI, here are some of the highlights from the first two parts of the Jamaica trip...and we still have more to come. As I am writing this, the cast is actually filming the reunion so let's see what gossip we can get

"Married At First Sight" Star Expecting!

It's baby fever out there! Current "Married At First Sight" stars Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd have announced they are expecting a baby together. This comes just one week to the day after sharing on the show plans to stay together. Dodd even proposed to his already-wife once again and she finally told him she loved him, a few weeks after he said it first. The premise of the show is as so: two people looking for love are matched by professionals and do not meet or see each other until they meet at the altar. So far, it has been a lot of misses and a few hits. Dodd and Bergman shared the news with PEOPLE , saying: "2018 has been the most beautiful year for us. Not only have we found each other after all this time, but fallen so deeply in love. And now, we are beyond blessed to announce that we will be growing our family!" Congratulations and we cannot wait to further follow their journey!

Amy Schumer Preggers!

  photo courtesy of Special congrats go out to Amy Schumer and husband, Chris Fischer! The actress, 37 announced the duo are expecting their first child in the only logical way people do it nowadays: Instagram. She placed their heads over that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , who are also expecting and said they had some news but to head over to Jessica Yellin of News Not Noise's IG page where all was revealed. There was a detailed list of all of Schumer's political recommendations with the ending "I'm Pregnant- Amy Schumer." Rumors flew the couple was expecting when they abruptly wed in February of this year so clearly, it could not be love- it had to be an out of wedlock pregnancy. But, now that it is almost November, it is quite apparent that it is seemingly a lot deeper than many initially gave them credit for. The mom-to-be was recently arrested at a Kavanaugh protest so we see she had a lot more to protect than we realized. Con

Bravo Star Dunzo At the Network!

  photo courtesy of Time to say good-bye to "Flipping Out" and Jeff Lewis least at Bravo . The radio host and Bravo Network staple announced his contract for the show was not renewed. He made his frustration known on his Instagram page with a very vivid photo and a red X across his face and the words "Contract Expired." It is no secret he had a falling out with co-star, Jenni Pulos earlier this year which caused much tension and stress within the show but he had recently told Jenny McCarthy he did not expect his contract to be renewed so this was no great surprise to him. "Because of all of the issues that have been going on with me-you know, the pending lawsuits, and also the (Jeff Lewis Live) radio show- it has created a lot of problems for me at Bravo, because I have talked about behind-the-scenes, I've talked about my contracts. So I've had a lot of heat from Bravo. They have not renewed my contract. It expires October 15, a

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split!

  photo courtesy of No one is shocked but jaws definitely dropped yesterday afternoon when TMZ broke the news that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had split. It was not just that they had called off their four-month engagement but they were over for good. The signs were all there: first, Ariana's ex, Mac Miller passed away and of course, internet trolls were quick to blame her. It was not her fault she did not want to be with an addict anymore and just wanted to find happiness, something she seemingly found with quirky Davidson. The moment Miller died, it was just obvious she would need to take time for herself and this would mean being single and collecting her thoughts. How can you be fully immersed in wedding planning when someone you loved for two years has passed in a super tragic way? Then, Davidson covered up one of his first Ariana neck tattoos (her bunny ears) with a heart and her initials. Was this a way of saying she would always have a heart? We

Mandi's Review of "A Star Is Born"

  photo courtesy of A Star Is Born Facebook Mandi here and typically, I don't fancy movie theaters. I grew up with my dad constantly taking me to movies every single week until there was not a movie we hadn't seen, good or bad. Fast forward 22 years and I am extremely opposed to spending $10 on a ticket, $7 on popcorn and $5 on a drink just for an "ehhhh" movie. The last film I saw was "Jigsaw" about a year ago because I love me some "Saw" films but I have rules: unless it is part of a horror franchise I am obsessed with; has four main characters named Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda; or has singing chipmunks, I am probably going to wait until it comes out on DVD or to cable, Hulu, or Netflix. But, my mom and I are extremely close and we keep picking movies we say we will go see and never end up finding the time. Then, "A Star Is Born" was fixing to come out and I knew mom really wanted to see it. I was also curious to see

"Jersey Shore" Star Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison!

  photo courtesy of It's a situation! Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore" fame has been sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion. Both Mike and brother, Marc were indicted four years ago for failing to pay taxes on income they brought in from 2010 to 2012; this amount equaled $8.9 million dollars. Just last year, the brothers were further charged with tax evasion, structuring and falsifying records. All the while, Mike was attempting to clean up his act, getting sober (he just celebrated 34 months clean) and maintaining a longstanding and healthy relationship with now-fiance, Lauren Pesce.  

Kate Hudson Welcomes Her Girl!

  photo courtesy of Kate Hudson is a mom again!! The actress, 39, welcomed her first daughter and first child with longtime boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa . The baby, whom they have named Rani Rose, was born yesterday, according to Hudson's Instagram. Rani, pronounced "Ronnie" is a tribute to Danny's father, Ron. Hudson kept this pregnancy a secret for a little bit as her first trimester was not the easiest but to be having her first girl was a blessing. And she has been best friends with Danny's stepsisters for years so this is just a natural fit for the Fabletic creator. She joins Kate's two sons, Ryder, 14 and Bellamy, 6 from previous relationships. We wish them all the best and are sure grandma Goldie Hawn is through the moon with excitement!!