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Shanna Moakler NOT Pregnant

  Credit: Shanna Moakler IG Shanna Moakler is not pregnant despite claiming she was on March 3rd. The father was allegedly her ex-fiance Matthew Rondeau who was arrested for domestic violence. His arrest came a week prior to the reality star's pregnancy announcement. Now, Us Weekly reveals the test was a false positive. "Ok, I am not pregnant. I received a false positive test due to the fact I had taken a hormone called HCG to help me lost weight for Big Brother," Moakler told the magazine. Apparently, it is the same hormone a women produces when they are pregnant thus resulting in the false positive test. The 46-year-old added she would still have more kids at some point. She shares daughter Atiana with ex Oscar De La Hoya and two kids, Landon and Alabama with ex-husband Travis Barker . Sending healing and positive thoughts to Shanna during what is sure to be a very confusing time in her life.  

Tom Sandoval and The MOST Extras Concert Review

  I'm going to be real right now- I never cared for Vanderpump Rules until January 2020. Despite being a huge housewives fan, VR never caught my attention. Maybe it was Jax...I don't know but finally, after seeing some of the cast on RHOBH , I finally gave in and decided to watch the first episode. And then I watched the next. Then the next. By that time, Season 8 was just beginning and I had become addicted. In a week and a half, I had watched all seven seasons (plus the first four of the new season) and was ready to pack my bags, move to WeHo, and work at SUR.  I must add I have never binged a series in my life so this was a first for me. Two months later, COVID hit and I was jobless. Like many people, the uncertainty of what was going on in the world exacerbated my anxiety and PTSD so reliable television gave me comfort. The cast of Vanderpump did just that for me and throughout the past two years, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, they have always been there f

'Fresh' Movie Review- Love It Or Leave It?

  Credit: Fresh Movie Instagram If you have Hulu , you are well-aware Sebastian Stan is king of the streaming service. His portrayal of Tommy Lee in 'Pam and Tommy' is unparalleled. It is hard to look away when he is on the screen with the dynamic Lily James in the role of Pamela Anderson. So when Hulu announced Stan's latest film 'Fresh' would be available March 4th, fans were overjoyed. What started out as a sweet RomCom about the mishaps of dating quickly shifted a half hour in. It was very clear that this was about to be a ride you may want to get off even with Stan as the titular role of Steve. Here's the initial synopsis by 3 Ice Cubes: Noa ( Daisy Edgar-Jones ) is tired of online dating though she keeps on trying. She heads to a date with a man who reminds her to bring cash so they can go Dutch. He is the reason why dating is painful and even takes her leftovers, the ones she paid cash for. When he insists they go out again after it is clear he is an e