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19 Killed, 50ish Injured at UK Ariana Grande Concert!

photo courtesy of Word out of the UK tonight is that there were nineteen casualties at an Ariana Grande concert, with around fifty injured. As with any mass explosion or situation that causes mass casualties, it is being investigated as a possible terrorist attack and in today's society, that is completely normal which is extremely sad. A concert goer called into CNN tonight and spoke of how she saw twenty to thirty bodies on the ground outside. Both Grande and her opening act are said to be fine but our thoughts and prayers are with those who perished and the families of those who are a part of this trauma including all of the concert goers who had to be subject to this. We hope to find resolution ASAP. 

Review: Dr. Robert Rey, The True Story of Dr. 90210

photo courtesy of Growing up with Dr. Robert Rey on E! , I was so excited to read about his life behind-the-scenes of his high profile plastic surgery career. I was not disappointed at all as Rey went deep in depth in his latest book "Dr. Robert Rey: The True Story of Dr. 90210."  With a foreword by Larry King , I loved reading about Rey's beginnings and felt that he did an amazing job with his descriptions, literally taking me to the places he spent time as a child. I also enjoyed reading about his experience with his wife and his bold quotes that helped to shape the entire book. As we already knew, Dr. Rey has shown that with strength and perseverance, absolutely anything is possible and it is a great message for the up and coming generations. To see where he started to where he is now is truly an inspiration and for that alone, I highly recommend you purchasing this book via Amazon. 

For All You Do; The Mother In You~Love, Titus Francoeur

To be a mother... It is not easy nor without strife Not for the faint of heart nor the weak of skin It is not a job you can just quit when times get too tough No matter how much you want to You cannot just run away Even of you think you might be better off Often, we are handed a book of life Filled with the most undesirable of chapters And as kids, we may not offer the relief that is deserved We can be selfish, complicated, spoiled, angry, disobedient, harsh, and downright evil But through it all, you have selflessly loved me You took on this life, head first; bold and strong You never let us see you weak, even if your soul was filled with tears You let us breathe easy because you forgave us, even when our actions could prove unforgivable You are and were the only one who can look into my eyes and know how I am feeling without me even having to say a word For that, I share my love and indebted gratitude with you Today, yesterday, and every day.  Thank you for lovin