Wednesday, April 10, 2019

'Married At First Sight' Reunion- What Changed?

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As we all saw on the season eight finale of "Married at First Sight" last week, two couples stayed together while two others chose to go their separate ways. Luke and Kate clearly needed to divorce but had Kate not spoken first, I strongly feel Luke would have tried to get them to work the marriage out. AJ and Stephanie were going to stay together despite his temper because neither wanted to be alone at 37 and 35, respectively. Will and Jasmine were just cut from very different cloths and we knew she would want to stay married but we also knew the groom had checked out weeks ago. She was way too demanding, wanting him to pay for everything and he slept a lot when she wanted someone to be intimate with. It was a mess. The "experts" felt they were making a mistake but after this season, what do they really know?? Finally, Kristine and Keith decided to stay together and had they not, it would have been game over because he worshiped her and their chemistry was off the charts. So, three months later, the couples all reunited with host Kevin Frazier to see where they are now. 
-Stephanie and AJ: still together and traveling, they are going to keep living their lives on the go for the next two years and then settle down and have a family. We thought he may have had a few eruptions and they would be in marriage counseling but we are happy all the same.
-Kristine and Keith: they had a big announcement...they bought a house! That's not a big announcement considering she's a real estate agent but since he lived at home with his grandma and mother, it is pretty huge for him so yayyyy! Clearly, they are still very happy together and enjoying married life!
-Will and Jasmine: he had the bright idea they should start dating now that they are getting divorced. It made no sense. Jasmine still believes a man should pay for everything and they are both really annoying so we can see why they were matched and maybe why they should stay together.
-Luke and Kate: Kate grew such a backbone and revealed his Facebook page said he liked both men and women and was in a relationship with a guy. She claimed she learned this from a friend while on the show and Luke said this was something he did when he was 18 as a joke. Well, you're 30 now so what's the excuse? She firmly believes, as many people do, that he is gay and when asked about his off reactions to them having sex, he claimed she forced him into it, which was not true. After they split, he invited her over, she was drunk, and he put her to bed. But now, she is dating someone new who Jasmine has met and even got a promotion at her job. She has her sparkle back and is extremely happy. Luke...still a loser. 

And there you have it. The couples are okay, at least for now. The new season will take place in North Carolina and begin in June. Who's ready? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Who Stayed Together on Married At First Sight?

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Season eight of 'Married At First Sight' is over and in case you missed it, this is what happened with the four couples:

-Stephanie and AJ: staying together
-Will and Jasmine: CALLED IT! Jasmine decided she wanted to stay married but Will wanted a divorce. The experts thought it was a mistake but Will just could not get past their lack of communication and other issues. 
-Kristine and Keith: stayed together.
-Luke and Kate: she went first and said she wanted a divorce; he agreed but we believe he would have chosen to stay married if he had gone first but did not want to look like an ass. He failed.

Next Tuesday at 9pm on Lifetime, three months will have gone by and we will catch up with the couples. And Luke's sexuality comes into question! Are you shocked by the results?

Three Ice Cubes Predictions For the Season 8 Finale of 'Married At First Sight'!

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Tonight marks decision day for the season eight couples of 'Married At First Sight' and after watching this tumultuous cast, it is anybody's guess what will happen. The experts truly should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to these eight people but they did create entertaining television so, for viewers, it was worth it. For those directly involved, maybe not so much. Here is what we think will happen when the couples have to make their big decisions as to whether they will stay married or get a divorce (or sue the experts, which would be my avenue of choice):

-Will and Jasmine: When they first got onto the show, there was a lot of hope and promise. Then, Jasmine pulled out her version of "gender roles" and Will did not want to be intimate with her, she continued to be super annoying so, in the end, we think...Jasmine will want to stay married and Will will want a divorce.

-Stephanie and AJ: They loved each other from the jump and were quick to be intimate but he had some anger problems his wife tried to overlook but were not easy to ignore. It seems they may break this marriage unless AJ is willing to get some therapy. We think AJ will want to stay married as will Stephanie.

-Kristine and Keith: Chemistry from the start but they are very different, this has been the most hopeful couple. But, as decision day looms, Kristine seems to have some doubts about spending forever with Keith. If she does not, she is losing someone who truly adores her and this would be very sad. We believe Keith will want to stay married as will Kristine.

-Luke and Kate: Luke has been absolutely horrid to Kate from the beginning and we felt bad for Kate until we realized she seemingly has liked the abuse. She could have left; he told her kissing her made him feel repulsed and dead inside and accused her of being an alcoholic but she stayed. The biggest shocker came on the final mini-moon when she confessed to Jasmine and Dr. Pepper that she and Luke had been having sex since the honeymoon but he gets distant right after and leaves the room, wanting to keep this a secret from everyone. Now, he is saying all these sweet things to Kate to almost mess with her head because, we believe, he does not want to admit defeat in this game of marriage and is only playing Kate. Our verdict: they will both say they want to stay married and it is just a sad story for both of them.

What do you think? The finale airs at 9pm on Lifetime so come back tonight when we have the decisions. And do not forget to live tweet with us @3icecubes!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Top 20 on 'American Idol' Revealed!

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The top 20 of "American Idol" have been revealed and it is so exciting, considering we won't see the actual results until next Monday, April 1st. Here they are so we hope you like spoilers!


We hope your favorites were not left in Hawaii! Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes! And do not forget to catch the show Monday night on ABC at 8pm.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

'The Act' on Hulu is What We've Been Waiting For!

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'Dirty John'  was the best limited series in a long time and we were lucky to have a handful of jaw-dropping episodes to watch every Sunday on Bravo. Hulu has followed suit with the based on true events limited series, 'The Act,' starring the brilliant Patricia Arquette and breakout, Joey King. The show documents the lives of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a very twisted relationship between mother and daughter that ended in murder. For years, Dee Dee had convinced everyone around her, everywhere she went, and pretty much in the world that daughter, Gypsy, was very ill, gaining her fame, notoriety, and a lot of charitable contributions. She claimed she suffered from an array of ailments, forced her to use a wheelchair, shave her head, and undergo unneeded surgeries, as well as take unwarranted meds.

It was deemed, after her passing, Dee Dee suffered from Munchhausen syndrome by proxy; it was Gypsy's boyfriend, Nick Godejohn who would do the ultimate killing and is now serving a life sentence while Gypsy is serving a decade. Many, including Gypsy's father, who was presumed to be a deadbeat but actually supported his daughter monthly, believes her sentence should be reduced after all she went through under her mother's rule. Only time will tell about this but one thing is for sure: 'The Act' is an amazingly addictive depiction of the dependence Dee Dee truly had on Gypsy and how she would milk her daughter for all she was worth. The fact Gypsy did not lose her mind earlier is the real mind blowing part but Arquette portrays Dee Dee with such conviction, you almost begin to hate her, forgetting she is just playing a part. 

King is sweetly charming as Gypsy but only two episodes of the show have been put out, each an hour long. There will be five episodes and, unlike other binge-worthy shows, and this one so falls into that category, a new episode is released every Wednesday. The first two started last week so if you start tonight, you will be caught up with everyone who is already on 'The Act' train. This is literally going to be an award sweep for Arquette, once again and King will be put on the map, even shaving her head for the role. It is beyond the beyond and it truly takes an amazing ensemble to captivate an audience who already knows what to expect. This is so much more than anyone could ever expect! Catch it on Hulu ASAP!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby #3!

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She's here! After months of swollen ankles, excessive weight gain, and what seemed like the most torturous pregnancy, Jessica Simpson's baby girl has finally arrived. Jessica, 38 and husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed baby number three, Birdie Mae, yesterday, weighing in at 10lbs., 13oz. She joins sister Maxwell, almost 7 and brother, Ace, 5. This pregnancy came as a surprise to fans when the singer/mogul announced the news via her children in August. She struggled a lot this round, even seeking advice from fans on Instagram as to how to handle her swollen ankles and resorted to cupping for relief. She celebrated her baby shower with family and friends where the theme was all about Birdie leading onlookers to believe this was the chosen moniker. We wish the family all the best and cannot wait to see the new family of five in all of their glory!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kristoff St. John's Cause of Death Revealed!

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When "The Young & the Restless" star, Kristoff St.John unexpectedly passed away on February 3rd, many assumed it was self-inflicted. The soap actor had never quite been the same since his son died in 2014 by suicide after battling mental illness. Now, we have all of the answers we have waited over a month for. The 52-year-old's actual cause of death was heart disease as well as an accidental alcohol overdose, according to the coroner and is being ruled an accident. Several former Y&R co-stars will be returning to the show for an official sendoff to St.John at the end of April, including Shemar Moore. We hope he is finally at peace and he and Julian are reunited though still very saddened at this tragic loss.

'Married At First Sight' Reunion- What Changed?

  photo courtesy of As we all saw on the season eight finale of "Married at First Sight" last week, two coup...