Wednesday, September 25, 2019

'RHONJ' Season 10 Trailer is Here!

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Well, the time has come for the season 10 trailer for 'RHONJ' to drop and we have it right here. We already know Joe Giudice is nowhere closer to coming home and that Danielle Staub is still single while her friendship with Teresa is in the trash but there is so much more no one expected. Take a look and do not forget to catch the premiere November 6th at 9pm only on Bravo!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Cinderella and Christmas Collide!

'A CINDERELLA STORY: CHRISTMAS WISH'  will be available on Digital beginning October 15, and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on October 29.

Brimming with overtones from the classic fairytale, this contemporary musical follows Katherine “Kat” Decker (Laura Marano) dreaming of becoming a famous singer-songwriter. Her reality, however, is suffocated by her conniving and cruel stepfamily and a demoralizing job working as a singing elf at billionaire Terrence Wintergarden’s Santa Land. When she starts to fall for Nick (Gregg Sulkin), the handsome new Santa at the tree lot, things begin to look up. Unfortunately, when her stepmother and stepsisters realize Kat has been invited to the prestigious Wintergarden Christmas Gala, they’ll stop at nothing to procure their own invitation and keep Kat from attending. With the help of her attentive dog, a true friend, and a little bit of holiday magic, Kat may just make it to the gala, discover the true identity of Nick, and experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Check out this all-new clip and never before seen photos from 'A CINDERELLA STORY: CHRISTMAS WISH.' You’ll be singing and dancing to the catchy tune of TOYS,TOYS,TOYS with besties Isla (played by Isabella Gomez) and Kat before you know it! Just another day working at Santa Land for Kat, Nick and Isla, as everyone counts down until Christmas Day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

'Married At First Sight' Finale!

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It is the season nine 'Married At First Sight' finale and we are so excited because we have made some predictions but we are ready to see if we are right or of we are wrong!

-Greg and Deonna: they both decided to STAY MARRIED so we were right!
-Iris and Keith: Iris wanted to STAY MARRIED but Keith asked for a DIVORCE. Good job, Keith for being a man and not just being a "good guy." He went with how he really felt and did what he had to and for that, we love him. Can they annul it because they never had sex? Again, we were right!
-Amber and Matt: she confronted him about him cheating on her, embarrassing her, and flirting with other people, which friends and co-workers saw. She saw how they were compatible on paper but, in the end, decided she wanted a DIVORCE and he agreed because he could not commit to her and was not ready for marriage. We were wrong about them but at least she grew a pair.  
-Jamie and Elizabeth: they both agree they want to STAY MARRIED, as we predicted.  

Did this turn out the way you thought it would when they all first walked down the aisle? Let us know. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mandi's Predictions For the 'MAFS' Season 9 Couples!

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As season nine of 'Married at First Sight' comes to a close tomorrow evening, it is literally all or nothing for these four Charlotte couples. We have seen some dramatic episodes and some ridiculous moments but it all leads us up to the finale where they must decide if they will stay married to the strangers they wed mere weeks ago...or get a divorce. I consulted a 'MAFS' expert, Marilyn Anton and together, we have concluded what we think the couples will ultimately choose to do.

-Amber and Matt: Matt is not giving up his transient lifestyle for his new bride, even staying out all night with no contact. Amber has even had to enact a curfew but learned on the last episode her man left a bar with another woman. She seems pretty desperate so we think her answer will be STAY MARRIED. And because Matt wants money, he will agree to STAY MARRIED. But, once it is all over, he will probably bounce, leaving Amber heartbroken, crawling into the arms of the man she should have been with all along, best friend, Raven. 
-Jamie and Elizabeth: they seem to thrive on toxicity, the way Arnie and Nancy did on 'Roseanne.' How they would throw slurs at one another until they pounced. That's this couple and they love to hate each other so they will both agree to STAY MARRIED. *I think Elizabeth can do much better!*
-Deonna and Greg: they are the Kristine and Keith of this season and there is no question they will STAY MARRIED
-Iris and Keith: oh them. We love Keith and we know he does not want to hurt Iris in any way but she is just so damn immature (her big secret was swallowing a quarter, y'all) so we believe she will want to STAY MARRIED. However, Keith will be heartbroken to say this but he will want a DIVORCE. She will blame her virginity but it's her personality and overall childish behavior that has turned him off. 

You can catch the season 9 finale tomorrow night on Lifetime at 830pm. You won't want to miss it! And we will have the results in real-time right here!

Monday, September 9, 2019

'Supernatural' Season 14 Comes to DVD With A Bang!


It is almost the end for the hit series, 'Supernatural' so fans should be super stoked to get their hands on the season 14 BLU-RAY, to be released September 10th. I am still a huge fan of DVD's over anything else because they are tangible and they hold so many memories; they are my little collector's items. And with 2+ hours of bonus features, which includes the highly anticipated 300th episode, featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, a moment we have all been waiting for since he jumped ship for 'The Walking Dead' to play vindictive villain, Negan.Special Features also include the 2018 Comic-Con Panel, 2 Audio Commentaries, Never-Before-Seen Footage, and my favorite- the gag reel, which will have you laughing until you fall over. This series has stunning men (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins), suspense, excitement, and so much more. There is no way you won't get sucked in, even if you are new to the series. Watch one episode and you will be hooked. Out of four gnomes, this season gets a solid 3. 

You can own 'Supernatural Season 14' on Digital NOW, and on Blu-Ray and DVD September 10th!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

'The Banana Splits Movie' Brings Gore and Unexpected Laughs!


The Banana Splits are not what they used to be when we were kids so get ready, my friends! I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I put on 'The Banana Splits Movie' but knew from the preview there would be some killer giant stuffed animals who sing. I was not wrong. This film is probably the 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' of 2019, if it were to be compared to any stellar horr-com B-list film out there...and it's just as unexpectedly funny. This is where TBS truly shines. Harley gets the chance to see his favorite show, The Banana Splits, live for his birthday, along with his mom, dad, and older brother. None of his friends like the show because they think it's for little kids so his mom invites Zoe, who doesn't even like him, to go. What could go wrong at the happiest show on Harley's special day with his amazing family and his favorite characters? Just blood, gore, death, and a whole lot of screams. And for the audience, a lot of laughs while they cringe and wonder "who thought of this?"

The actors, all of them, from co-starring right up to the main, are all amazing and this is a hard feat when you are staring down psycho, robotic, oversized mascots of a kid's TV show. Next: The Banana Splits themselves, Fleegle, Snorky, Bingo, and Drooper, are hilarious. The sounds they make and their entrances are just unreal and to think they are actually running around, murdering everyone in sight, is an insane concept. They are supposed to bring joy and happiness to kids but have no problem torturing them. Like if 'Sesame Street' went rogue. Finally, it really holds your attention; you want to know what happens next and where these characters, even the plushy ones, will end up. It is NOT a film for kids, let's be clear on this, as it is frightening (and rated R). But, it is great for anyone who appreciates horror/comedy of any age; it does not discriminate and from the looks of it, I am seeing the desire for a sequel in their future. 

On a scale of 4 gnomes, Three Ice Cubes gives 'The Banana Splits Movie' 2.5 gnomes. You can own 'The Banana Splits Movie' on Digital NOW, and on Blu-ray and DVD August 27th!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Bethenny Frankel Tweets She's Married- And She Isn't Lying!

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When Bethenny Frankel announced she was leaving 'RHONY,' she left fans and co-stars stunned. But, it was a tweet she sent out this morning that sent even more shockwaves through the Bravoverse. "I had to go since I'm the only one that is actually married...that's how crazy this ride is," the SkinnyGirl mogul tweeted. Immediately, heads were spinning, wondering if Frankel had married boyfriend, Paul Bernon. But, her ex, Jason Hoppy's lawyers were quick to shut all rumors down, stating he and Frankel are still legally married. So, if we are going to get technical, yes, Bethenny is the only housewife in the New York franchise who is married. But, is she performing traditional housewife duties? No. So, way to try to stay relevant but end up sounding like an idiot. Good luck, B.

'RHONJ' Season 10 Trailer is Here!

  photo courtesy of Well, the time has come for the season 10 trailer for 'RHONJ' to drop and we have it right he...