Monday, May 13, 2019

Jenelle Evans Continues to Profit Off of Losses!

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Former 'Teen Mom 2' star, Jenelle Evans really does not know how to just leave well enough alone. After her husband, David Eason killed her pup, Nugget, she left the home they shared with her three children (he also has full custody of tween daughter, Maryssa). While they were apart, she was consistently giving statements to gossip outlets about the status of her marriage, including the possibility of a divorce and shared text messages about David heading to jail around the time of the dog killing. She was soon fired from TM2, a show that has not filmed Eason since last year, leaving Evans allegedly panicking about how she would make ends meet. There were rumors she and Eason would be joining 'Marriage Boot Camp' (untrue) as she had returned home and the two were now working on their marriage. She has continued to post photos of other animals she has such as ducklings and a goat which has prompted follower outrage, wondering how long it will be until these animals are no longer. 

Friday, Child Protective Services had Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser, with ex Nathan Griffith, removed from school by Nathan's mother. He still has supervised visits so the only child she had for Mother's Day was her daughter with Eason, Ensley. Eldest son, Jace was with her mother, Barbara, who is not letting him around Evans or her husband, according to an interview Jenelle has given to Us Weekly. She says she and Nathan are working things out and she is ready to start letting him have unsupervised visits but it appears she is the one who needs supervision. She also shared it was her husband who suggested they go to couples counseling and as long as he shows up, they will stay together. This has Instagram up in arms as it is where she has continued to post the links to her interviews. No one wants to support what she is doing to her kids, her animals, and her relationship with David. It is really a shame these magazines are giving her any air time. Why are we doing it? 

Because she truly needs help. We believe she needs to get away from Eason and get some serious help to learn she can live a healthy and happy life without a man. We have never seen her without one and it is time she focuses on these children and her pets because what Eason did to her dog was unacceptable and scary. Why he has not been locked up is frightening and how he has full custody of a child is even scarier. Let us know your thoughts!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Countess Luann Relapses!

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It was only a matter of time before the Countess collapsed under the pressure of the spotlight and her highly successful cabaret show. Yes, it has been confirmed that 'RHONY' star Luann de Lesseps has relapsed after her second stint in rehab, a stint which caused her to miss the season 10 housewives reunion that took place over the summer of 2018. As you may recall, stint number one occurred after a drunken night in Palm Beach when de Lesseps assaulted a police officer and was arrested. Her fall from grace was documented during the Bravo series, which she has been a part of since the very beginning in March 2008. Viewers watched her leave rehab and attempt to pick up the pieces of her life back in New York as she embarked on her #CountessandFriends cabaret tour. But, she hit a brief snag when a lawsuit was filed by her ex-husband, Count de Lesseps along with her two children, Victoria and Noel when she attempted to sell her Sag Harbor home in an attempt to purchase a home upstate. She started hitting a downward spiral and, as we learned at the reunion, it was co-star Bethenny Frankel (and friend and new housewife, Barbara Kavovit) who staged an intervention and helped her get into rehab for a second time. 

As season 11 began, Luann was over 50 days sober and talked about how performing kept her sober as she was constantly working. But, Bethenny addressed how Lu should have still been in the rehab she established for her but left in order to continue touring. It looks like she left too soon. According to Us Weekly, de Lesseps had an alcohol test performed on the 21st of last month by her probation officer. That was when the Countess admitted she had two mimosas post her Chicago performance and was given the chance to go into an outpatient program but declined as it would interfere with her touring schedule. She also said no to an alcohol monitoring device, deeming it "too intrusive." 

She feels she will benefit from more AA meetings but that is all she has said about this incident for the time being. If you are familiar with the RHONY, the women are always having cocktails, even drinking at the spa as soon as Luann left rehab. She says it is fine with her but how can you really be the only sober one all of the time? Is Luann deceiving herself by being completely sober or does she really have a problem that needs to be addressed before her cabaret show? Let us know!

David Eason to Be Jailed Before Killing Dog!

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Yesterday, we learned 'Teen Mom 2' star, Jenelle Evans' dog, Nugget had been shot and killed by her husband of two years, David Eason. His reason? The pup allegedly nipped at the couple's daughter, Ensley to which Eason took Nugget into the woods and killed him. This action devastated his wife so much, she took her children (she shares son, Kaiser with ex, Nathan Griffiths) and fled. Luckily, son Jace, 9 was away on a cruise with his grandma, Barbara but Eason's tween daughter, Maryssa was in the house, as well and refused to leave her room after the incident. Jenelle released a statement on her Instagram afterwards, along with a photo of her and her beloved dog:

"Nugget...I'm crying everyday. I love you so much and I'm so sorry. I'm speechless. You were my side kick and knew the moment I felt bad and would cuddle with me. You still had a lot to learn and a lot to grow from your lessons. Everyday I wake up and you're not here, when I go to're not here. You're gone forever and there's no coming back. #Heartbroken #Distraught." 

Evans also shared on her Instagram statements she has given about whether or not she will divorce David over this incident. She says it is not out of the question, the couple have separated in the past and have not had it easy. David cannot even film with his wife on TM2 so there are many segments she is filmed via telephone or we are just given typed out scenarios. What we have learned through one of her interviews or newly released texts is that David was actually set to go to jail the day after he shot Nugget. But, what for? No one is quite sure but as the day has gone on, Evans continues to share bits she is giving to the press via her social media and followers are not happy. They are tired of her profiting off of her dogs tragic death for her own gain when many believe this still will not push her to leave David. So, what will? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @3icubes!

*Animal Control has since gotten involved and we personally hope this is cited as animal cruelty and Eason finally realizes he is not invincible.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kids Should Be Ashamed of Themselves!

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As Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine prepares to marry uber successful, Chris Pratt, we cannot help but wonder who will be on the guest list. Clearly, mom, Maria, brothers, Patrick and Christopher, sister, Christina, and dad, Arnold will make the cut but one person who will most likely not get to choose chicken or fish is half-brother, Joe Baena. The 21-year-old, who just celebrated his Pepperdine University graduation with his lookalike father by his side, has no relationship with his siblings as he was the product of an affair with the housekeeper. How is this Joe's fault? It is not? Should he be deprived of a family? No, he should not. But, Arnold's other kids seem so scorned over the affair, they are willing to forgive their dad but take it out on their brother. Pratt and his future wife are supposed to be heavy Christians so the hope is maybe they can find it in their hearts, prior to the wedding, to all come together and unite Joe into the family. If that cannot happen, the respect level for Chris Pratt, at least on our behalf, will drop dramatically. Get to know this "boy" as a person, see what he is about, and then decide if you want to hate him. It is not like he is taking over the whole 400 million dollar family fortune. Thoughts?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Why It Looks Like Gypsy Rose Blanchard Can't Trust Anyone!

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When Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentence to 10 years in prison in July 2015 for the murder of her mother, Dee Dee, it seemed like she would have a second chance at rebuilding the life she had seemingly lost. For most of her years, she was a victim of Munchausen by proxy, believing she had every ailment under the sun and never knowing her real age (she was in her 20s though she believed she was a teen). Her mother spent years convincing the medical community, fans, friends, support groups, and even Gypsy's father, Rod, that Gypsy was mentally challenged and was not capable of doing things on her own, including walking. Though both mother and daughter knew this last part was untrue, it came to a point where Gypsy felt the only way out of her situation was to completely erase her mom. 

Swayed by fantasies and heroes in fairy tales, she met Nick Godejohn on a Christian dating website and he shared he had multiple personalities, though undiagnosed. One of them, Victor, liked to kill so she called upon him to do the deed. Gypsy was not completely innocent in it all as she bought the murder weapon and accessories and when questioned by police about her involvement in the murder, she can be seen in denial and even acting like she is shocked by the news of her mother's murder (check out the HBO documentary ('Mommy Dead and Dearest'). At the end of said documentary, you can see Gypsy having a sit down with her father, Rod and his wife, Kristy. They are focal points of the show, talking about the past and what could have been done and what they hope they can do in the future. There has even been an attempt by her dad, who paid his child support long past her 18th birthday despite Dee Dee claiming he was a deadbeat, to get his daughter's sentence reduced. But, it appears stepmommy's intentions may not be completely pure. Recently, it was revealed Kristy was developing a series called 'By Proxy,' along with Franchesca Macelli.This is the first read flag- she is attempting to make money off of her stepdaughter's suffering when she should just stay in the background. She then went onto speak with Vulture and it came up how she and Rod were in the HBO documentary but have not been involved with Hulu's mega hit eight-part series, 'The Act,' which is based on the events of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee. 

Though they were interviewed by the same person involved in both the HBO special and 'The Act' and were promised a cut, this has been the opposite of what they experienced. Okay, that is not completely fair, if this is the truth but one has to ask themselves: is Kristy breaking any rules by launching her own competitive series? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Is she bitter because her series keeps getting stalled and 'The Act' has received such critical acclaim for the acting (Patricia Arquette, Joey King, Calum Worthy) and storyline? These are legitimate questions. But, here is what really burns our bottoms. She points out inaccuracies of a miniseries that specifically says it is based on a true story but events have been fictionalized. She says the portrayal of neighbor, Aleah or Lacey, as she is known on the show, is exaggerated in some scenes and there is even talk of Gypsy taking legal action. Our take: no matter what did or did not happen, every character comes off the way they absolutely should in the series!

-Gypsy: you feel bad for her from the jump and realize the biggest mistake she made was not contacting her dad. Even if she thought he was a bad guy, it would not have hurt to at least attempt to talk to him. Additionally, it is believed if she went to the police, they would have believed she was incompetent but she could walk and that's probably enough proof anyone needs to know she was a victim. She looks like the victim; she looks like she needs more deprogramming and less prison and for that, she and her family should shut their traps and say "thank you."
-Aleah/Lacey: she looks like the nicest, most warm and considerate teenager out there so she needs to disregard some of the "rougher" scenes and be happy they chose someone as talented as AnnaSophia Robb to play her. 
-Dee Dee: she looks balls to the walls insane and we see she got it from her mama and it kept trickling down. Should she have died? No. 
-Nick: he looks like someone who really needed help and Gypsy was able to find his twisted side. They were both very vulnerable and found ways to work with each other. He said what she needed to hear and vice versa. He, too, needs a lot of mental help for what he did and maybe had he not wanted to rape Dee Dee, things would have gone a little different but probably not. 

Maybe Rod should reign his wife in and focus on getting some help for the guilt he should inevitably feel for being duped by his ex-wife and less on how Kristy can get her show made. Episode seven of 'The Act' came out today so this means there is just one more left, which will air next Wednesday! Oh, and by the way, Gypsy is apparently engaged to her pen pal so there's that. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Where in the World Is 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Vanessa Cobbs?

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Did anyone else's jaw drop to the floor when they read the addendum at the end of the season 2 'Seeking Sister Wife Tell All' or was it just us? Yes, despite the other "bombshells" like Bernie and Brandy necking after their first date and Jennifer faking her own death to avoid becoming an Alldredge (that was the least shocking), finding out Vanessa Cobbs had left the Snowden fam really was the OMG moment of the season. She underwent a move from Seattle to Atlanta to Cali; did a 21-day detox diet to get her pH in check so she could have sex with Dimitri without even knowing if it would be good; gave up meat and cheese; and had her lady parts steamed with her future sister wife all to get a beach proposal and an anklet (no ring). Then, she became the first Snowden sister wife after much scrutiny and it almost seemed like it could be a decent situation...until it wasn't. She was somewhat of a nanny for the family and transformed herself into first wife, Ashley with a full on bindi, no bra, headwrap- she was in this. Then, she had a come to Jesus moment and realized this was not her calling and said #byefelicia. So, where is Vanessa now? 

There was a lot of speculation about her being an actress, and she did contact Dimitri via social media so the move to California could be considered calculated. However, she is no longer residing there. As of now, Cobbs, 34 is in Australia with her twin sister, Adrienne and our guess is they will be the next twist on a Euro version of 'Big Brother' or some other reality show. Though Dimitri claims he is grieving and he may very well be because he did seem to truly have feelings for her, Vanessa's departure ensures another season ahead for the Snowden family if they desire to search for another wife. As for now, she is living it up Down Under and maybe this is the freedom she really wants!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

'Married At First Sight' Reunion- What Changed?

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As we all saw on the season eight finale of "Married at First Sight" last week, two couples stayed together while two others chose to go their separate ways. Luke and Kate clearly needed to divorce but had Kate not spoken first, I strongly feel Luke would have tried to get them to work the marriage out. AJ and Stephanie were going to stay together despite his temper because neither wanted to be alone at 37 and 35, respectively. Will and Jasmine were just cut from very different cloths and we knew she would want to stay married but we also knew the groom had checked out weeks ago. She was way too demanding, wanting him to pay for everything and he slept a lot when she wanted someone to be intimate with. It was a mess. The "experts" felt they were making a mistake but after this season, what do they really know?? Finally, Kristine and Keith decided to stay together and had they not, it would have been game over because he worshiped her and their chemistry was off the charts. So, three months later, the couples all reunited with host Kevin Frazier to see where they are now. 
-Stephanie and AJ: still together and traveling, they are going to keep living their lives on the go for the next two years and then settle down and have a family. We thought he may have had a few eruptions and they would be in marriage counseling but we are happy all the same.
-Kristine and Keith: they had a big announcement...they bought a house! That's not a big announcement considering she's a real estate agent but since he lived at home with his grandma and mother, it is pretty huge for him so yayyyy! Clearly, they are still very happy together and enjoying married life!
-Will and Jasmine: he had the bright idea they should start dating now that they are getting divorced. It made no sense. Jasmine still believes a man should pay for everything and they are both really annoying so we can see why they were matched and maybe why they should stay together.
-Luke and Kate: Kate grew such a backbone and revealed his Facebook page said he liked both men and women and was in a relationship with a guy. She claimed she learned this from a friend while on the show and Luke said this was something he did when he was 18 as a joke. Well, you're 30 now so what's the excuse? She firmly believes, as many people do, that he is gay and when asked about his off reactions to them having sex, he claimed she forced him into it, which was not true. After they split, he invited her over, she was drunk, and he put her to bed. But now, she is dating someone new who Jasmine has met and even got a promotion at her job. She has her sparkle back and is extremely happy. Luke...still a loser. 

And there you have it. The couples are okay, at least for now. The new season will take place in North Carolina and begin in June. Who's ready? 

Jenelle Evans Continues to Profit Off of Losses!

  photo courtesy of Former 'Teen Mom 2' star, Jenelle Evans really does not know how to just leave well enough alon...