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Mandi's Thoughts On Coca-Cola's 'Ultimate' Limited Edition Flavor

credit: Instagram Let's keep reinventing the wheel- or not because the wheels are fine. Remember Crystal Pepsi? Yeah, it was great the first time around but when they brought it back again, it was awful. Everyone was excited for the nostalgia but it did not taste like childhood. This is the problem with soda companies. They cannot just accept that what they have is good and it is quality. There is a reason why the battle of Pepsi versus Coke still is ongoing and will never end. Yet, there is always something new that these cola people want consumers to try and we always fall for it. Today, they did not have cans of basic Coke or Pepsi at the store. They also were sold out of Arizona which has held true at one dollar since I was a teenager so thank you.  As I was checking out, I saw this new zero sugar Coca-Cola and was like, "Fine, take my money." Plus, it was cold and I was hot so bring it and I do not try these new fad sodas. I still miss tab. So, I got home and opened