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  photo courtesy of Season 10 of "The Real Housewives of New York City" is beyond underway and it is one of the best yet. In case you've missed any of the drama and excitement, here is a quick-cap, mixed with a bit of snark. Let's do this in a New York minute! Bethenny is all about helping Puerto Rico which is great; anything we can do to help, I fully support. However, there are times where she can be a little bit of a braggart about what she is doing as if we should bow down. I respect it, I appreciate it but I would love it so much more if she would just do it and shut up. She and Carole have a serious divide in their friendship and it seems to be that way with B and most of the women. She brought Dorinda to PR with her but it was almost a $hitshow before they went on the trip and later was even more dramatic when B stomped into the Berkshires weekend and demanded they find a specific giant Nutcracker for Bryn's Christmas present. Dorinda d