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American Horror Story Coven Recap 10/30/13- Ep. 4

Maxwell Kale Onto episode four! To think this show has been on for a month and it still kinda feels like a bunch of subplots thrown into a cauldron that refuse to mix well. This episode starts during a flashback in 1961 and we see a black teenager being chased and killed by a bunch of rednecks. Then we see Angela Basset go apeshit over this and raise a bunch of voodoo zombies to seek revenge. This season is all about dealing with racism in any way possible. Next we see the creepy ass butler get more creepy. He just so happens to be an avid porcelain doll collector like many creeps are. I’m not sure if he happens to be British or just plain crazy but he also loves to have tea parties with these dolls. During his tea party he hears a scream and we see his point of view during the massacre of Madison seen at the ending of last week’s episode. We really don’t see much added to this scene that we didn’t see last week other than those dolls.

Change of Scenery

It is a sad day as I let everyone know that will be relocating here for now. WordPress has had some issues and the host people have no idea what they are doing but we still wanted to bring you the best in entertainment and life that we could. So please stay with us while this is all figured out. Mandi, Tammie and Maxwell