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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale 11/29/15 Quick-Cap

Did you miss the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" last night on AMC? Well, we have the highlights so you will be all ready for when the sixth season resumes. Glenn knew all along that Maggie was pregnant. Denise has been held at knife point by the wolf that Morgan had locked up. Carol and Morgan went head to head. I think Carol has gone insane. Deanna looks like she may have been bitten but she uses her gun to still kick ass. Deanna tells Rick she never really liked him but admired his ability to grow a beard. The person on the walkie that called for help when Daryl, Abraham and Sasha reunited was Eugene. Rick has the idea to open up some walkers and make costumes out of their blood so that the town can make it out alive. He's done this before. Everyone follows him. We are just getting prepped for the arrival of Negan.  What did you think of the mid-season finale? Are you so excited for the second half of the season which will find Daryl in troubl

Kristin Cavallari Welcomes Third Child!

Seems like only yesterday, Kristin Cavallari was fighting for the love of Stephen Colletti and graduating from Laguna Beach High School. Funny enough, the cast of season two of the hit MTV reality show "Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County" just celebrated their ten year reunion and Cavallari is a mom for the third time. Mrs. Jay Cutler welcomed Saylor James Cutler on Monday November 23rd at around 1p.m. This is the first girl for Cavallari, 28 and husband, Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler, who have sons Camden and Jaxon. Cavallari, who is a shoe designer and penned the book "Balancing in Heels" has been documenting her attempt to go into labor via Instagram. Guess something finally worked. We wish her and the expanding family all the best and cannot wait to see photos!

The Walking Dead Quick- Cap 11/22/15

Did you miss one moment of last nights episode of "The Walking Dead" because if you did, you missed a lot! Here are the highlights to keep you in the know! Glenn is alive. Enid helped him survive. Spencer almost fell into a pile of walkers but everyone in Alexandria saved him. Carol knows that Morgan is hiding someone in his cell. Maggie now knows that Glenn is alive and can finally share the news that she is pregnant with him. So basically...GLENN IS ALIVE! He did crawl under the dumpster as Nicholas was being eaten and then he was able to escape and Enid gave him water to survive. They can now go back home to combat the walkers! You're welcome! *Only one more episode left of 2015 and we are nearing the halfway point of season six! That means that someone new is coming...

Former "The Real L Word" Star Expecting Baby!

It was a big day for Romi Klinger , former cast member of the popular Showtime reality series "The Real L Word." The designer/entrepreneur announced via Twitter and Instagram that she and her boyfriend Charles are expecting their first baby together. As you may remember, Romi started out as one of Whitney's love interests in season one of TRLW then became a regular cast member season two, dating Kelsey. She started season three with a boyfriend named Jay then went back to Kelsey and then ended up with former love Dusty Ray, getting married in Las Vegas.

Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Quick-Cap 11/19/15

It is time for the Winter Finale of "Grey's Anatomy" and in case you missed it, we have all the necessary details that you need! The whole episode revolved around a fire that went array and taking in burn victims and firefighters, this being Bailey's first big assignment. Here's how the night played out: Everyone was mean to Jo. Arizona had the courage to hit on a new girl but she had a partner so she and Webber are still on the prowl. Avery and April still do not know where they are headed after having sex. Nathan and Owen are brothers. They had a sister and that is the source of their hatred. Alex proposed to Jo. Jo did not say anything as she was ready to leave him. Maggie and intern Andrew are a new couple. Amelia fought with Meredith so she relapsed and had a drink. And that is pretty much it. We are going to have to wait until February 11th to find out what Jo says to Alex and learn even more about Owen and Nathan plus will Avery and April stay

The Walking Dead Quick-Cap 11/15/15

"The Walking Dead" finally brought back Daryl, Abraham and Sasha and it was pretty eventful. Abraham learned that he had to calm himself and take a step back when it came to killing walkers, something that Sasha worked very hard to teach him. At the same time, Daryl was hijacked by three random strangers, we have no idea how they got there or who they are with but they were odd. There was a man and two women and the guy claimed that he had killed dozens of walkers along the way. Daryl tried to get in touch with Rick but the general consensus is that ick has everything covered in Alexandria, even though he's busy getting busy with Jessie. Daryl lost his motorcycle to the three, one of them actually was eaten by a walker but he found a fuel truck and went to rescue Abraham and Sasha and they headed back to Alexandria. As for what is next? One can only wonder...Still no word on Glenn's safety but they are priming us for one of the biggest TWD villains ever to show

Charlie Sheen To Reveal He Is HIV Positive Tomorrow Morning!

Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood's most notorious bad boys and womanizers, is rumored to reveal that he is HIV positive tomorrow morning on "The Today Show." He had told "Good Morning America" a few years back that he was not a fan of rehab and would not be returning then he announced that he wanted to be Donald Trump's Presidential running mate in this election. Now, after a year and a half of intense research, The National Enquirer was set to release a front page story about Sheen being diagnosed with alleged texts from his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

"Grey's Anatomy" Quick-Cap 11/5/15

"Grey's Anatomy" finally has it's juice back and I could not be more excited. Penny aka Derek's "killer" from the hospital where he went after his accident, is now in Seattle and working under Meredith. Meredith cannot help but hate her and treat her like crap and it is incredibly understandable...and mean. It's tough. But there is more to the episode so if you missed it, here are some highlights that will be talked about all day tomorrow.

"The Walking Dead" Quick-Cap 11/1/15- "Here's Not Here"

Fans of "The Walking Dead" were hoping to find out the fate of Glenn on last night's episode. What they learned was that Morgan had an intense backstory that turned him from a killer to Mr. Peaceful. Turns out that he was trapped by a psychiatrist named Eastman who locked him up in a cage. His goal was to make Morgan stop killing for sport and learn how to harness his chi. He went on to teach him aikido and they bonded over the fact that they lost their wives and kids. But the message from Eastman was that all lives are valuable, even the worst ones.