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Mandi's Thoughts on "American Idol" for 3/25/15!

Tonight is eighties night on "American Idol" and I am a huge eighties fan. To top it off, Boy George from Culture Club is the mentor so I am in heaven right now. But let me tell you how I am feeling about the singers! I apologize in advance for being brutally honest! DANIEL SEAVEY: "You Make My Dreams" by Hall and Oates. He sounds like Peter Brady on the episode of "The Brady Bunch" where his voice started to change and they had to sing. He is too young and just not ready for this. I think by 20 he will be okay but at 15, he does not know what the eighties were about and how lucky he is to be even singing a Hall and Oates song LIVE on TV! Why is he still here?  QUENTIN ALEXANDER: "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. He is amazing, he is Jimi Hendrix meets Lenny Kravitz and I pray he is in the top two!!  JOEY COOK: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. This is perfect for her because they are both quirky but somethi

Hilary Duff Goes Green!

When celebrities go green, it often means that they are attempting to conserve energy and the planet. That is not the case when it comes to Hilary Duff. On the heels of filing for divorce from husband Mike Comrie, the actress/singer decided to change up her blonde locks and what you will see may shock you. Yes, this is Hilary sporting a mermaid color. I think that it is just the wrong shade for her as I would have loved to see her with purple or pink or a mix of both. This color is washed out and she is such a pretty girl. I feel like this is the color my hair turns when I use anything labeled "neutral" or "ash." I doubt it will last that long but props for trying something new!!

Kim Kardashian is Turning White!

Kim Kardashian West recently debuted a super cute choppy cut, most likely inspired by husband Kanye West. He seems to dictate everything in her life so when she stepped out with platinum locks this past week, everyone was taken aback. Then, she went a step further and went basically white. My concern is for her hair. She has gone from super dark to ombre back to dark back to ombre back to black, changing extensions in between. And now she has double processed her hair to blonde and I'm wondering when we will start seeing chunks fall out. Poor Kim...she has no mind of her own and now the bleach really added to that!