Monday, October 29, 2018

Whatever Happened to...Bethenny's Hockey Player Boyfriend?

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Very few things keep us up at night, here at Three Ice Cubes. Okay, that's a lie. Instagram stories, text messages, loudly chewing and snoring cats; but those are just minor. What about the truly plaguing things in life? Like the lingering questions old episodes of "The Real Housewives of New York City" brings up? The whole Housewives franchise is on Hulu and that being our favorite, it is fun to go down memory lane but then it gets us to wondering: whatever happened to Sonja's assistant, Connor? He just randomly disappeared after season nine along with almost all of her interns like Alex from season eight who was always confused with being her daughter! And one of the most pressing questions from season nine, since that's the most recent RHONY season on Hulu: what happened to Bethenny Frankel's pro hockey player boyfriend? You know, the one who appeared on the season finale and had to take his tooth out to eat a corned beef sandwich. The one she met when she was in LA with Carole and had the butt of two basketballs. What happened to him since she chose the late Dennis Shields instead? Well, we have the answer and it is juicy!

Nate Thompson literally just turned 34 this October so he was a 32-year-old pup when he appeared with Bethenny in her new apartment. But boy, did the NHL player have a scandalous history! Here's where it starts: he was married before to Cristin Moira Stuart, whom he filed for divorce from in February 2015 after two years of marriage. She was six months pregnant with their son, Teague so that raised some red flags but we were not their so we have no idea what was really going on. He did ask that Cristin, who was allegedly unemployed, pay for her own legal bills so yeah, kind of tacky. 

In early April 2017, Thompson made headlines as he was spotted out with Christina El Moussa. She was at his games and supposedly a big hockey fan. They stepped out together a few times but were "just friends" and then, he was with Bethenny and appeared on RHONY. Somewhere during this time, he rekindled his romance with Pilates instructor, 20-something, Sydney Kaplan, whom he most likely dated right after he filed for divorce. He even converted to Judaism for her (his own choice) and the two wed this year. So, if the hot hockey player's whereabouts were keeping you up at night, you can sleep soundly. Looks like Bethenny may have dodged a bullet though he is worth an estimated eight million dollars. But, being young and cute does not always equal a good partner, just saying. We wish Nate and Syd all the best!

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