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'The Real L Word' Cast- Where Are They Now?

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With the return of the hit Showtime series, 'The L Word,' it makes fans of the original show and ultimate reality spinoff, 'The Real L Word,' quite nostalgic. Actors can keep acting but reality stars can drift off into the clouds after their 15 minutes of fame are over. TRLW lasted three seasons with a revolving door of lesbians who soon became like friends and family. Initially based in California, the show followed the lives of a handful of gay women, somehow intertwined in life, and what it was like to date, fall in love, have sex, try to make babies, propose, be successful, and so much more. By the final season, the series went bi-coastal, utilizing NYC as a playground, as well. The show ended in 2012 with two weddings and a lot of tears. So, where are they now? Get ready to catch up with our fave reality celesbians!

-Whitney Mixter: the player of the series, she may have hooked up with almost every member of the cast. But, it was Sada Simone who caught her eye from the jump. Unfortunately, Sada was a little shady but this did not stop Whit from being drawn to her at every single stop and on the series finale, the couple got married in front of friends and family. Sadly, the couple split in 2016 but Whitney has not slowed down. She makes constant appearances and her Instagram is always poppin'. She is not slowing down any time soon and it is worth a mention that her sister, Alexis, who appeared a few times on the show and helped with the proposal to Sada, dated (may still be but it is unclear) Jason Segel who we love!
- Sada Simone: she started off shady and ended the series as a married lady. Sada softened very much with her love for Whitney but still sparred with Romi Klinger; maybe it was because she was her competition for Whit on the series but whatever it was, she got her happy ending. But, as we mentioned, it did not last and she became a single lady. She also faced sadness when her mother passed away. As you may remember, her mom was not the happiest about Sada marrying a woman but was there for the wedding and the celebration, which was all the brides wanted. Now, Sada is a mom to a baby boy named Quinn, featured on her Instagram, with her male companion and bills herself as an actor. She and Romi are friends again and she is still close with her ex-wife. 
- Romi (Klinger) Imbelli: Romi was the free spirit of the series, sharing love with the person, not the gender. The makeup artist turned jewelry designer hooked up with Whitney during season one then came back in season two with girlfriend, Kelsey. They split and Romi got sober, starting Casa Por Vida, her jewelry line. Season three, she returned dating an ex-boyfriend but that lasted a handful of months when he just was not emotionally available. A more grown up Kelsey returned with lots of love and the two reunited. But, it was a long lost love and a music career that pulled them apart and Romi ended the series a married woman- to a man. She ended up a single woman a little while later after her Vegas wedding and seemingly was looking to find herself when she found a chef, Charles. The two ended up married, with a baby girl, Frankie, now 3 (she's so darn edible, it is insane). They moved to Texas but sadly, the marriage has come to an end. Luckily, Romi has an amazing support system, a few fabulous jobs, and the love of her family to get her through. She remains optimistic and you can see how much she has evolved via her Instagram
-Cori McGinn and Kacy Boccumini: this was the couple to be. Cori and Kacy arrived season two and they had been married for two and a half years. Their goal was to try to start a family but it was not so easy. Their main sperm donor ultimately declined and their male friends said no because they loved the girls too much, which they could not understand. So, they spent a crazy amount on viles of sperm online. They became friends with all of the ladies during their first season with the show but did not get pregnant. When the series returned for season three, Cori was pregnant with a little girl but sadly, she lost her at four months. They kept trying and ultimately, after the series ended, she became pregnant again with twin boys but lost them. Sadly, the couple parted ways in a social media announcement but said they would stay very close. Cori is still occasionally active on Instagram and is in shape and looking happy. As for Kacy, she has her own vlog and is seemingly super happy so we wish them the best!
-Kiyomi McCloskey: with her band, Hunter Valentine, Kiyomi arrived on the scene during the final season, coming from the East Coast. She was a player until Lauren Bedford Russell caught her eye and the rest was history. They tried to play it cool but ended up as a couple by the end of the season, they attended Whitney and Sada's wedding together. After about four years together, they parted ways and recently, Kiyomi got married to her wife, Meaghan. She is still rocking out but she is also a licensed real estate agent! Congrats to the happy couple!
-Lauren Bedford Russell: the jewelry designer also joined the show in its final season, by way of Whitney and Sada. They appeared at her jewelry show, thus we met Lauren. She had moved to Cali and her best friend, Amanda soon joined her but by the end of the series, they both moved back to NYC. Lauren had fallen for Kiyomi, the lead singer of Hunter Valentine, and they were super happy. After the series ended, Lauren revealed she was diagnosed with MS and ultimately moved back to California. She and Kiyomi are clearly no longer together but Lauren seems very happy still doing her jewelry line and acting. No longer a bleached pink/blonde, she sports a short brown bob as you can see on her Instagram. She and Amanda are also seemingly friends so that is a positive. We are loving how the cast has come full circle and have kept in touch. 
-Tracy Ryerson: throwing it back to season one, Tracy was dating Stamie at the time, who already had three young children. Sadly, her mother had a very hard time accepting her relationship with a woman until she met the little ones who had stolen her heart along with the lady who was a piece of her heart. The duo did not return for the following seasons as Cori and Kacy were the main "familial" couple but they did make appearances. Now, the duo are still together and Tracy just got a major promotion to Head of Film and TV at Fabula. But, there was even more to celebrate as she welcomed a baby boy who just turned one in November. Yes, Tracy had a biological child along with her three wonderful kids she helps to co-parent with Stamie. You can follow their journey on Tracy's Instagram!

And there you have it. It's been really fun catching up with these ladies and if you are nostalgic for the show, you can watch it on Showtime or buy it on Amazon. And do not forget to watch 'The L Word' on Showtime Sunday nights!



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