Thursday, November 21, 2013

American Horror Story Coven Recap 11/20/13- Episode 7 By: Maxwell Kale

New week hence a new episode!
This weeks episode of "American Horror Story Coven" starts off with a flashback of Kyle prior to being a zombie refusing to get a tattoo with his idiot frat brothers. He exclaims to his peers he plans on becoming a respectable engineer one day and that a tattoo could ruin that dream. Little did young Kyle know he’d end up a mindless zombie in an aimless season of American Horror Story.
Next we see a present day Kyle doing his usual crazy zombie thing. Zoe yet again just consoles him and tells him it’s going to get better. These two never do anything interesting these days. After that we see an emo Madison complain about how hallow and empty she feels these days. A part of me feels she must be complaining about the scripts for this season. None the less she manages to say one rather funny line describing herself as a millennial which means , “ I was born between the birth of AIDS and 9/11.” Apparently Zoe has grown sick of crazy zombie Kyle at this point because we see she has a gun. Sadly she can’t manage to kill him because that would be an interesting move on her part and Zoe rarely ever does anything interesting. After that there’s an amusing scene of Kathy Bates and Queenie getting fast food fried chicken. This scenes rather funny and touching in an odd way.
The estranged witch husband of the headmistress calls and begs for her to take him back. Of course she refuses and we then see this batshit guy has a whole arsenal waiting to take out the witch school. Sadly we’ll have to wait until the next episode to see this finally happen. Hopefully once they are all dead and gone we’ll get better characters. Then we see the head mistress run into Madison. She then with her new power ( which by the way was never described on how she got this power) figures out Madison was killed by her mother Fiona. Next we see Fiona is still with the axe murderer and she ends fucking him. Because Zoe can’t kill zombie Kyle and she decides he’ll be around for a while now she decides to teach him how to speak. Madison goes on to figure out she can only connect to Kyle and nobody else because he is the only other zombie she knows. So course she ends up fucking him.
Next we see Queenie show up at Angela Basset’s salon and she strikes up a secret pact with her. Speaking of pacts the head mistress makes one with Zoe right after to kill her mom Fiona. This episode is all about building stuff for the next episode. So sadly it’s only mildly interesting. After this we go back to Fiona and the crazy axe murderer. We then learn this crazy axe murder ghost or whatever he is now has been watching Fiona her whole life. We see in flash backs he even killed for her in the past. Fiona of course flips out and leaves after finding out such news. Next we see Zoe has given the butler back his tongue and has him tied up and decides to put an end to him. It’s only taken about 7 episodes for Zoe to become mildly interesting. Queenie then learns the cold truth about what a mega bat shit bitch Kathy Bates used to be. She then turns her over to Angela Bassett and throws her in a cage and stabs her. 
The episode ends with Angela Bassett using her blood as makeup.

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