Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scandal Quick-Cap 12/05/13- Season 3, Ep. 10 - A Door Marked Exit

We ended last week's episode of "Scandal" with the Veep standing by the body of her dead husband, so of course we start off this episode a few minutes prior with Sally yelling at Daniel about what he did (sleep with Cyrus's husband). When Daniel informs Sally that he's leaving her, she stabs him and calls Cyrus, bringing us back to where we ended last week.
Cyrus decides he should be the one to help Sally clean up the "mess" and they prop Daniel's body in bed, "Weekend at Bernie's" style. When the doctor comes to examine the body they make sure to convince him it was likely a heart attack before he can get close enough to see for himself what really happened. The last time we saw Quinn she had a syringe with her as she was getting ready to meet with Eli/Rowan. Before she gets a chance to inject him, however, Maya's location has been discovered and he is off to find her. Also, after Huck performed his "dental exam" on Quinn he placed a tracking chip in the spot formerly occupied by a tooth. She removes it, naturally, and flushes it down the toilet. Ironically, when she and Charlie get a call for a cleanup, it's at the Veep's place. As Eli goes off after Maya, Fitz's people detain him and bring him in for a chat with Fitz. The plan is to keep Eli detained until Maya is safely out of his reach, and at the same time find out why he was ordered to shoot down the plane in the first place. A verbal pissing contest ensues over who is more powerful and Eli informs Fitz that he doesn't actually love Olivia, rather, Fitz uses her as his way to escape from life (she is his "door marked exit). Meanwhile, getting in some early morning drinking, Cyrus confesses everything that happened to Mellie who basically tells him to pull himself together. Olivia learns that her mother, after traveling under various aliases ended up in the States where she was paid to steal highly classified documents from CIA operatives; i.e. her father.

After confronting James about everything that went down with Daniel, James agrees to stay with Cyrus so long as he is named White House Press Secretary. When Olivia tracks down her father in Fitz's custody she asks why he ordered the plane shot down and as she talks it out she realizes that her mother had lied about the bomb; she wouldn't have gotten on a plane that was going to be shot down if there really was a bomb on it. Olivia does a complete 180 and tells Fitz to have Maya arrested the moment the plane she is on lands. Quinn, in all her craziness, goes to see Huck who tells her that she is only alive because of Olivia, and he isn't sorry for what he did to her. Huck then tells her she is no longer a "Gladiator." When we see Olivia next she receives a call from Fitz, but instead of the news she expected, she learns that her mother's plane didn't make it to Hong Kong. Instead, it was found in Mongolia with everyone else inside dead and Maya is in the wind. Next we find Olivia back in her office where Jake walks in and kisses her. He is there to inform her, however, that he is leaving and just came to say that he loved her and to tell her goodbye. Next, we see someone approach David Rosen with an audio recording of the Veep saying that "committed a sin." We then cut to Eli walking into his office, to find out that he has been replaced by Jake. To cap off the crazy episode, Olivia gets a call from her mother, while she is back in her apartment. She asks her mother where she is, to which Maya replies not to worry, they will see each other soon.

As the camera pans out, it is clear that Maya is calling from right in front of the White House. So, what will happen next? Come back after the new year to find out Gladiators!

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