Monday, March 31, 2014

"How I Met Your Mother" Series Finale Highlights!

Tonight was the series finale of the long-running comedy "How I Met Your Mother" and after nine seasons, everyone was ready for answers. So, what did the finale teach us? We picked the top 10 things that really stood out (and will help you at the water cooler tomorrow at work):

  1. Barney and Robin got divorced after three years of marriage.
  2. Barney slept with 31 women in one month with a new playbook.
  3. #31 ended up pregnant and Barney became the father to a baby girl.
  4. Lily and Marshall had three children.
  5. Marshall became a judge.
  6. Robin became a world renowned anchor.
  7. After 7 years and two kids, Ted married the mother of his kids.
  8. She ended up dying. 
  9. Ted ended up with Robin.
  10. The mother was Tracy, the bassist at Barney and Robin's wedding; they connected over a missing umbrella that they kept sharing!
And there were a lot of tears so if you can catch it, do it!!!!! We will miss you guys!

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