Wednesday, March 19, 2014

L'Wren Scott Officially Committed Suicide!

It was presumed that L'Wren Scott had taken her own life at the beginning of the week but there was no definite confirmation. Now we can finally confirm that she did in fact commit suicide.
Yesterday, longtime boyfriend Mick Jagger released a statement about how heartbroken he was about the death of Scott; today his bandmates chimed in with their sentiments after The Rolling Stones canceled the Australian leg of their tour. "No-one saw this coming…Mick's always been my soul brother and we love him…we're thick as thieves and we're all feeling for the man…we really hate to disappoint our fans but we'll see everyone really soon... his is such terrible news and right now the important thing is that we are all pulling together to offer Mick our support and help him through this sad time. Without a doubt we intend to be back out on that stage as soon as we can...Needless to say we are all completely shocked but our first thought is to support Mick at this awful time. We intend to come back to Australia and New Zealand as soon as it proves possible. He's holding up…He's not really well. He's not really here. It was such a shock." This was a culmination of quotes from the band regarding Jagger and Scott. As of today, the NYC Chief Medical Examiner confirmed that Scott died from hanging herself. We are so devastated for this loss and remember, there is always help and suicide is not the answer!

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