Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Hot In Cleveland" Highlights- Season 5, Ep. 2- 4/9/14!

"Hot in Cleveland" has kept the hysterics and the laughter coming and it is only episode two of the fifth season. Well three, but we are not counting the live episode that was just for fun. So what has happened now that Emmett has escaped, Simon is back and Melanie has a brain tumor? Find out now!

  1. Melanie cannot pick a doctor.
  2. She tries to get a date with the most popular brain surgeon.
  3. He's not taking new patients but he is looking for a girlfriend.
  4. Melanie joins J-Date.
  5. Valerie Bertinelli is hilarious.
  6. Victoria is entering Wilbur in to beauty pageants.
  7. He wins. 
  8. He does not get in to this big deal pre-school academy.
  9. Owen meets his dad, Simon for the first time.
  10. This could be the beginning of a good family for Joy. 
And there you have it. We cannot discount how hilarious Betty White is as Elka but she is so damn good all the time that we don't have to say it again. But there should be an Emmy in Wendie Malick's future (Victoria). 

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