Monday, May 11, 2015

How Did Revenge End?

"Revenge" had it's series finale last night on ABC after four seasons and we were assured that there would be at least two deaths. We got lucky! Here is who was six feet under by 11p.m.:

  • David Clarke from Lymphoma
  • Victoria Grayson from being shot by David
  • Ben from being killed by Courtney Love
So, we had three deaths and there could have been more but luckily, Jack and Amanda rode off into the sunset after getting married. After Jack had been stabbed, David came to see him in the hospital and asked for his blessing to marry Amanda. Of course he said yes. She also reunited with Charlotte, straight out of rehab and we still do not know if Louise is crazy or sane or a little of both. They did leave the window open at the end as Amanda turned her business of revenge over to Nolan. He could not have been happier and maybe he will get a spin-off!! 

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