Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Grey's Anatomy" Quick-Cap 11/5/15

"Grey's Anatomy" finally has it's juice back and I could not be more excited. Penny aka Derek's "killer" from the hospital where he went after his accident, is now in Seattle and working under Meredith. Meredith cannot help but hate her and treat her like crap and it is incredibly understandable...and mean. It's tough. But there is more to the episode so if you missed it, here are some highlights that will be talked about all day tomorrow.

Let's do this!

  • Webber finally admitted to a dear friend that Maggie is his daughter and that he cheated on Adele.
  • Webber is so proud of Maggie, it is amazing.
  • Webber knew who Penny was when he hired her. 
  • He did not want to hire Meredith because he knew that it would be a constant reminder of her mom and his love.
  • Avery and April may not be dunzo after he takes on a special patient from Jordan. 
  • Avery and Callie are able to fix the special patient's hands and make him like a regular little boy.
  • Avery and April almost reunite but they get interrupted. 
  • Callie and Penny get back together.
  • Grey decides that she will forgive Penny for her one mistake and work with her again. 
Next week, Nathan, a doctor April brought from Jordan, has a mysterious past that may hurt Owen and everyone at the hospital. 

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