Monday, November 2, 2015

"The Walking Dead" Quick-Cap 11/1/15- "Here's Not Here"

Fans of "The Walking Dead" were hoping to find out the fate of Glenn on last night's episode. What they learned was that Morgan had an intense backstory that turned him from a killer to Mr. Peaceful. Turns out that he was trapped by a psychiatrist named Eastman who locked him up in a cage. His goal was to make Morgan stop killing for sport and learn how to harness his chi. He went on to teach him aikido and they bonded over the fact that they lost their wives and kids. But the message from Eastman was that all lives are valuable, even the worst ones. 
He ultimately was bitten by a walker and decided to end his life, leaving his home to Morgan who went on to take in a lost soul. However, the one thing he did learn from Eastman was that you do not have to physically kill someone who could be a danger. There are other ways. The cell/cage that Eastman had locked Morgan up in (with the door open and a goat named Tabitha) had been built for the man who killed his wife and two children. He planned on putting him in the cell and starving him to death. We learned towards the end that he did just that and it took forty-seven days. So when a lost man wandered to the home post-Eastman's passing, he admitted that he was a killer and would kill anyone who crossed his path. That was when Morgan almost killed him but then locked him up and left. 

What did you think about this episode? Happy or disappointed? What we learned during "The Talking Dead" was that this episode was filmed later on in the season as no one knew the true way that Morgan found solace. I think that's pretty damn cool!

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