Monday, May 9, 2016

The Return of Bravo's "Tour Group" and Star Heather Marianna!

If you became a fan of the Bravo reality series "Tour Group," you were super shocked when it suddenly went on hiatus after only two episodes. Then, news spread that it would return May 10th, which seemed like forever but now, here we are, the night before episode three airs and we could not be more excited. The show has been re-branded and will add more appeal and of course, Heather Marianna of Beauty Kitchen fame, will be front and center of some of the new drama. 

When we left off, there was a twin love triangle which did not seem to go over all that well with viewers. Other stars captivated the audience as they trekked all over the world with either a close friend or relative. Anything could and would happen so before the show returns, we caught up with Heather to get all of the info about what to expect and what she has been up to during the time the show has been away. Upon hearing the news of the show being temporarily taken off the air, I had to ask Heather how she felt about this. 

"Bravo knows what they are doing I trust the process," Marianna says. She went on to add: "I was actually fine with it! I have a lot going on with Beauty Kitchen right now and it didn't bother me at all." As opposed to me who would be kicking and screaming outside of Andy Cohen's clubhouse demanding that my show come back ASAP. As for the new direction that "Tour Group" is taking? Heather believes that the cast should have been smaller since there is so much that was going on. If there is a season two, she has this to say: "I am sure they will work the kinks out with a fab new cast for season 2 if there is one! I would love to see a smaller cast travel, a little more drama, and know more of the cast's stories next season." 

So, who would Heather like to see on season two, if Bravo makes the decision to go forward with the show? Brandon! Why? Because "he's so knowledgeable about travel!" Because we love Heather so much, we had to know if she would ever appear on "Watch What Happens Live" and though she does not know if that would happen, she would love the experience because, like many of us, she thinks Andy Cohen is amazing. As for her main focus of Beauty Kitchen, Heather tells us that it is on "fire" and that they have launched a "huge brand partnership" but will not divulge the details just yet. BK is also working with a Spray Tanner to the stars and have a partnership with Glamour Girls Spa Parties so she will be backstage at the Teen Choice Awards. 

To add to that, Heather is planning an A-list birthday party at The Palms in Las Vegas, set for next month. As for marriage, you may have noticed that the brunette beauty has been engaged quite a few times (13 to be exact) and she has decided that marriage or children are just not for her. She has good reason as she is super busy with BK as well as her other projects but she has nothing but good things to say about those who do get married: "I get bored easy. I really applaud those who are married, it's a lot of work I am sure, I just don't want to put in the effort." This statement makes her laugh as she seems to know exactly what she wants from life. 

Now that we have caught up with Heather Marianna, catch up with "Tour Group" tomorrow, Tuesday night on Bravo. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @heathermarianna, Facebook at and and see her YouTube channel Good luck, Heather and we cannot wait to see what excitement she has in store for us for the rest of the season!

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