Monday, July 11, 2016

Heather Marianna and Three Ice Cubes Team Up!

Heather Marianna has made a name for herself with her #sobeautifulyouwanttoeatthem beauty products from Beauty Kitchen and then came her stint on the Bravo reality show "Tour Group" along with her YouTube channel. What is even better is that she has turned her beauty products into an empire with monthly beauty boxes, clothing, name it, she has got it! 

Now, Mandi of Three Ice Cubes has teamed up with Heather to help her expand her fabulous brand and they are both beyond stoked to see what magic they can make. It will be the "bath" bomb! Some of Mandi's favorite products are the Beard Oil infused with delicious fruits that will make beards less mangy and so shiny, you will become a beard loving person. 

The next product that is ever so fab is the Eye Gels and Eye Gel Pads! Act like you did not just stay up all night having the best time or you were pulling an all-nighter studying or you danced and drank until the wee hours and now have to look presentable. 

But then you want to luxuriate in an amazing bath which requires Bath Bombs! and they are, not to be cliche, but they are DA BOMB!

Once you try these products, you will most definitely want a monthly subscription (they come in a mini version as well) and with code Mandi9383, you will automatically receive $5 off your purchase. So go ahead and splurge on yourself or someone you know needs a little boost and some pampering. 

You can find Heather at or on Facebook at and Trust me, this is #threeicecubesapproved! Get on it now!

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