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Vicki Gunvalson Is United With Cast Members; Slams Meghan King Edmonds!

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For anyone who watched last Monday's epic Labor Day episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," we all saw what we had been waiting for: the dune accident. This happened at Glamis Dunes, where Tamra Judge had arranged a birthday weekend for hubby Eddie, turning 43. She invited all of the girls but Shannon Beador declined to go (she has lung problems and uses a nebulizer every day) as well as Meghan King Edmonds, who learned that she was expecting via a blood test, on said episode. Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra, and newcomer Kelly Dodd boarded a luxury RV rented by Heather Dubrow (her son, Nicky was along for the event). It seemed like all fun and games...until it wasn't. 

Halfway through the episode, Tamra helmed the wheel and took passengers Dubrow (shotgun) and Gunvalson and Dodd, who sat in the backseat. Within a blink of an eye, the car that they were speeding around the sands in crashed and flipped, with Dodd's helmet flying off. Heather quickly got out of the car and went to check on the women, as Tamra was laying on the ground. Meanwhile, Kelly was in the backseat with Vicki leaning over her, vomiting. Kelly began to cry for help and soon, the medics were on their way who airlifted Vicki to a hospital and put Tamra in an emergency vehicle. 

Kelly and Heather soon called newly pregnant Meghan, who was vacationing with hubby Jim and they informed them of the day's events. They also let them know that Vicki was at a hospital, all alone, close to where they were staying. Because of bad blood that had been somewhat remedied when Meghan joined Vicki at Merv Griffin's estate for her birthday. But Meghan did not budge to go to the hospital and in a way, I understand. Why should she go see Vicki after how she treated Meghan last season and the lies that she told about Brooks and his cancer? 

It is sad that Meghan did not go to the hospital because Vicki needed someone but she had been awful selfish all through season 10 and the beginning of this season. In an updated blog, Meghan explained that had vicki been admitted to the hospital, she would have gone to see her but did not think Vicki would want to see her in the ER. She also said that the two were texting throughout the day. 

Now, the main reason why Meghan went to the Griffin estate was because she and Jimmy were vacationing right around the corner so it seemed acceptable. Not going to the hospital...what do you think? Vicki took to her Bravo blog and talked about how she, Dodd, Judge, and Dubrow are forever united after the crash (despite Judge no longer having a relationship with Vicki). But she did feel betrayed by Meghan for not coming to her aid. She said that it showed true colors and who her friends really were and are but made no mention of the texts that she and Meghan shared. She did take the time to promote COTO Insurance. 

Truth be told, I probably would have been by Vicki's side if I knew she was alone and nearby but that is just me. I am not in the cast's shoes and I cannot imagine how hard it must be to forgive such heinous lies and insults that were spewed towards King Edmonds. What would you have done? Would you have gone to the hospital to be by Vicki's side or would you have left it alone? Anyone ever think that she was not allowed to be around all those germs after being newly impregnated? Just food for thought. Comment below or tweet us @3icecubes. 

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