Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Why Bravo Won't Fire Vicki Gunvalson for Cocaine Remarks!

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Fans of the RHOC had many things to say after part one of the reunion, which aired Sunday night on Bravo. Why? Because in retaliation to being called fat and a "pig" by fellow housewife, Kelly Dodd, OC OG, Vicki Gunvalson went below the belt and she went dirty. She claimed Dodd, 43, did cocaine, leaving all of the other housewives in complete shock. Dodd became both defensive, telling host, Andy Cohen to give her a drug test and became teary-eyed. She admitted to smoking weed and doing edibles, even saying other housewives including Gunvalson partook, but coke was not on her radar. It went further when Gunvalson claimed Kelly also was never with her daughter, Jolie, according to ex-husband, Michael. Ultimately, when she was backstage, Vicki said she wanted to hit Kelly below the belt after being called fat and just heard the coke rumor. 

This is not a rumor you just share lightly, especially on a public forum and Kelly was livid because this affects her daughter, who goes to a prestigious school. Now, she is demanding Vicki be fired or she will not come back and Twitter wants Vicki gone. Almost every poll taken, fans wanted Kelly to stay and believe Vicki is the demise of the franchise yet look what she has stirred up? Together, they have caused a Twitter phenomenon and along with that, there is no way Bravo will fire Vicki. Why? Because then they would have to fire other prominent housewives such as Bethenny Frankel from RHONY who accused Dorinda Medley and boyfriend, John of doing coke on the season eight reunion of doing cocaine. We all saw Andy kissing Bethenny's ass during the season 10 reunion so she is not getting fired. 

Lisa Rinna also accused Dorit Kemsley of coke use at a reunion and she is still here so our point is...Vicki is here and even though the show is going downhill, watching her be pathetic is all we have. Watching Kelly thrive should be its own show and the fact that Shannon stuck with Vicki after what she said even though Kelly was there when she had surgery shows what a loser Shannon is and a bad friend. That is all! We are still #TeamKelly and you can catch part two Sunday night a 9pm on Bravo. 

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