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"Will and Grace" Season 10 Quick-Cap!

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Many of your favorite fall shows are going full-speed ahead and just in case you have not gotten a chance to catch up with all of them, we feel you. One that cannot be missed this year is NBC's "Will and Grace." Resurrected for a ninth season last year, it had been gone for 11 years, though live on in reruns. But, if any show was ready for a resurgence in this political time and era, it was W&G, no two ways about it and funny enough, most of the main cast has not changed one little bit. Megan Mullaly (Karen Walker) and Seth Hayes (Jack) are every bit as charming, snarky, and fabulous as the first time around, like time just stopped for them, and we just love it. Mix that with the knockout guest stars and you have got yourself a hit. NBC seemed to think so because the show lasted longer than just a ninth season, getting a 10 season renewal. Never missing a beat, here is what you have missed in our quick-cap! 

  • Jack is officially engaged to Estafan but did have second thoughts after realizing he would be with the same person for the rest of his life. He got over that and this wedding will be amazing!
  • Will finally got Grace to understand what it was like for him when they broke up and he came out. It was not all about her and he really wanted his life to be over. She learned how to apologize though old habits die hard. 
  • Grace has met a new man, some very popular New Yorker on Twitter named Noah (David Schwimmer) and they started off by hating each other but that was clearly sexual tension. They finally did it!
  • Jack is still very close with his gay grandson, Skip and even went on an adventure to Texas with Karen and Will to see him perform in a church talent show. 
  • Karen's affair with Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) came out and Stan sent someone after her so she ran away. Malcolm came to help look for her, revealing he was the mole because he knew this was the only way he could be with Karen.
  • The person following Karen was actually someone trying to serve her with divorce papers and she is brokenhearted and never wants to see Malcolm again. 
  • Jack is a psychic. 
  • Will and Grace's parents are married. 
What's to come? Special guest stars galore including Matt Bomer as Will's love interest; Chelsea Handler; Jon Cryer, and TONIGHT- Miss Coco Peru returns. You may remember when she guest-starred on season four as Lawrence. As Lawrence, she was put on hold during a multi-way conversation and during this time, was able to transform from male to female phenom. It was AMAZING so grab some Tension Tamer Tea and get ready. "Will and Grace" airs on NBC at 9pm. You won't want to miss it!


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