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Mandi's Thoughts On: "Married At First Sight"

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It is now season eight of "Married At First Sight" and you would think the experts would have gotten it right by now. They have not! What metric system are they using or whatever because it is clearly failing on so many accounts. We have a few happy couple and for that, I am grateful as are many viewers but for those who've invested time and energy from the jump, what are you thinking experts? And are you really experts? Here's where the couples stand from season one to season seven, just so you get an idea of how "well-suited" they all were:
-Season 1: 1/3 MARRIED (Jamie and Doug who sadly just experienced another miscarriage. Thoughts and prayers)
-Season 2: 3/3 DIVORCED
-Season 3: 3/3 DIVORCED
-Season 4: 3/3 DIVORCED
-Season 5: 1/3 MARRIED (Ashley and Anthony had a baby)
-Season 6: 1/3 MARRIED (Shawniece and Jephte had a baby in August)
-Season 7: 1/3 MARRIED (Bobby and Danielle are expecting a baby)

So, that is four couples out of 21 that made it. It's like the odds of "The Bachelor" and those are just random hungry women looking for a prize! Now we are onto another season and here is my take on the couples and it is not that pretty so hold on to your Bible, Pastor Calvin!

We are in Philly this year and it has only been three episodes yet I feel so much for these couples in such a short period of time. If you follow the site's Twitter @3icecubes, you know how we truly feel. Let's do this.

-Stephanie (35) and AJ (37): my oh my oh my. Stephanie is a petite girl in amazing shape while AJ is tall and goofy with a dad bod. It seems these two should not be together but she seems so off in wedded bliss land that all of his goofy jokes which only laughs at just make him more endearing to her. They've snorkeled on their honeymoon and he won her mom over at the wedding and thus far, they seem very happy. However, I feel like Stephanie is a little more regimented and rigid than AJ and his jokester ways are going to grate on her sooner rather than later once the initial honeymoon phase wears off. They will not see eye to eye so they better soak it up now. Something tells me he will annoy the hell out of her and, though he will try his damndest and they may stay together at the end, it won't last the test of time.

-Jasmine (30) and Will (37): physically, they do not look like a fit but they had a connection and were very happy on their wedding day. She kept it real, wearing a wrap on her hair to bed on her wedding night and nothing is too awkward with them...until they went on ATV's on their honeymoon. Hers got stuck and started going backward yet Will did not jump to her rescue. Viewers were appalled but even more in shock when they were at a nice dinner and she brought up gender roles in a marriage. She believes he should be her "provider" while he believes in 50/50. Though she wants to be perceived as a strong, independent woman, she wants a man to take care of her. So, she is talking out of both sides of her mouth. These are things that should have been addressed in the initial matching process and maybe the experts are trying to break her a bit but it's 2019 not 1919. She kept referring to what she saw her dad do and that is all well and good but she needs to contribute something. This is not a marriage spawned from a long-term relationship where the man will just love you enough to be your provider. They knew each other all of three days and she wants a sugar daddy. Hell to the no. Wait the two months then get back to me, okay!

-Keith (29) and Kristine (29): adorable couple, amazing chemistry but we have some problems. She is very into fitness and he likes to be a couch potato so she drags his ass to the gym on their honeymoon. Hey, you got matched with a hot girl so do your part. Additionally, he cannot cook so she will be working and cooking but he did say he will clean so there is a trade off. We see in the previews she feels like she married a child which is no good. I think she will get tired of his boyish ways; he is a little bit spoiled as is she. They call her Queen Kristine for a reason so she does not want to be dethroned. There will have to be a lot of compromises; he will have to go to the gym a few times a week with her as part of couple's time and they may have to take cooking classes for date nights so he can learn to be a better husband. If that can happen, they might stand a real chance. 

-Luke(31) and Kate (28): This is the couple I have been waiting for so I saved the best for last! Luke is probably one of the worst casting choices the experts have ever made and unless this is their way of helping this gent come out, he has no place on this show at all. He and Kate actually had met prior to the show as he hosts speed dating events but neither one knew they'd be getting married to another and she did not even remember him when she saw him. But, he knew her. He had asked for an exotic woman yet Kate has blonde hair and fair skin; all-American sweet girl. At the reception, he would not kiss her as he felt awkward with everyone watching and really embarrassed her. If it were me, I would have gotten up and demanded an annulment. He seemed to be most comfortable with her bridesmaids than anyone else and Twitter noticed he was best as one of the girls. He showed no affection whatsoever, harped on the fact that she took morning showers not two of them daily like him, and was just a cold, rude fish. When they were on their honeymoon, she accompanied him to a sloth sanctuary and he noted she did not look like she was having any fun but maybe it was because he was looking at the sloths more lovingly than he ever looked at his own damn wife! She brought up the lack of affection but there were so many excuses. She does occasionally smoke which she did not tell the experts but she told Luke she would stop completely if that was an issue for him. It is not even that; he's just mean as we see next week when he tells her kissing her made him feel repulsed and dead inside. He is a sick and twisted individual. People get thrown off for physical abuse so how about emotional and mental?

So, that is my take on this season. What are your feelings? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes and watch the show every Tuesday night at 9pm on Lifetime. 

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