Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ICYMI: RHONJ Season 9 Quick-Cap!

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It is time for the season nine finale of "RHONJ" but before we cross that bridge tonight on Bravo at 9pm, let's quickly revisit the highs (and lows) of the season so you'll be all caught up for the finale. You will feel like you were there all along, even if you dozed off, forgot to set your DVR, or just flat out forgot. Here we present the season nine highlights but do not miss the finale and the reunions in the following weeks. This is going to be great!
  • Two new housewives joined the cast- pretentious and uppity, Jennifer and educated, down-to-Earth but tells it like it is, Jackie. Jennifer's husband is a plastic surgeon who often sleeps in the pool house and they have five kids while Jackie and her husband, Evan have two sets of twins and a very sweet relationship. 
  • Melissa has found her voice and she is not taking anyone's crap, least of all Teresa's. She is calling everyone out on their BS and it is not in a bitchy, obnoxious way but rather a strong woman way. She and Jackie have struck up a strong friendship that has carried them throughout the season.
  • Melissa also thinks she has a long lost third sister and is going to start looking for her with her super cool mother's blessing. Her family really is a trip!
  • Danielle got married on camera in Bimini to Marty. She was a horrid bridezilla, yelling at Margaret and all of her wedding party but we all know how that marriage ended up. 
  • Teresa competed in a body building competition with Frank taking over as her trainer. Sparks flew but nothing has happened yet. She came in third while his son, Frank Jr. came in first in his division.
  • Jackie caused drama when she wrote a piece on spoiled children, seemingly aimed at Jen's family. 
  • Jen's brother is in an arranged marriage and it is not right by any means.
  • The ladies all went to Cabo to relax after Teresa's competition but she was drinking the Danielle kool-aid. 
  • Wine glasses were thrown, Jennifer has monkey butt lips, it was a hot mess.
  • Milania is now a rapper.
  • Joe may deported instead of coming home from prison.   

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