Wednesday, March 13, 2019

'Married At First Sight' Shocker!

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Who watched 'Married At First Sight' last night? If you have yet to watch the latest episode and you do not want any spoilers, do not read any further. So, the couples all met for a mini-moon as decision day is coming up super soon. This means the four couples- Jasmine/Will, Keith/Kristine, Luke/Kate, and AJ/Stephanie- must decide if they will stay married or get a divorce. But, Kate has been keeping a secret she could no longer hide any longer. It has been no secret she and Luke have not been on the same page since they met on their wedding day. He was admittedly not attracted to her and even said he felt repulsed and dead inside upon kissing her. He even claimed she had an alcohol problem when meeting with Dr. Pepper so this has not been boding well. When we learned she would be revealing a secret on the latest episode, everyone wondered what it would be. I thought she would be revealing she and Luke had privately decided they would get divorced and did not need to wait until decision day. Or maybe he had come out to her as many on social media believe his real problem is he is gay hence his intimacy issues. But nooooooo, it was even much more jaw-dropping than anyone could have even suspected or imagined.

Kate phoned Dr. Pepper to tell her, even though Luke had told her not to tell any of the experts about this, the couple has actually been having sex since they got married. It has only been a handful of times but every time, post-coitus, Luke leaves the room for a few hours to collect himself. So, this leaves Kate perplexed and confused so now she is very lost. It explains why she has been holding on to this marriage for dear life because there is so much more going on than we ever knew. Next week, she tells Luke about sharing their sex life with Dr. Pepper and he feels extremely betrayed. It is not like she did not keep up the facade for the other wives; she told Dr. Pepper. You can watch 'Married At First Sight' on Lifetime every Tuesday night and let us know why you think Luke feels such shame after sex!

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