Thursday, March 14, 2019

Did Your Fave Netflix Show Get the Boot?

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It always seems when your favorite shows get cancelled, they may find second life on Netflix of possibly Hulu. Sadly, even subscription services need a fanbase in order to keep shows in rotation and when numbers drop, executives have to make some serious decisions...and cuts viewers may not always be in favor of. Today, it was announced the 'One Day At a Time' revival would be leaving after season three.Though the show was beloved and groundbreaking, even getting this third season based on a Twitter campaign, there just aren't enough viewers to make a fourth season worth the money. That being said, the show will be shopped around to other networks and it could find new life on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or a cable network. But, that is not the only show Netflix has had to drop the axe on. Here are some more shows not seeing another season:

-The Get Down
-Haters Back Off!
-The Punisher
-Jessica Jones
-Friends From College

And there may be more to come as we are only in the third month of 2019. We will just have to keep waiting and watching. Fortunately, the Disney streaming service will be up and running at some point this year so we have that to look forward to. How do you feel about the ODAT cancellation? Do you think it will find a home elsewhere? I am optimistic for the stellar cast and story lines, especially after being a fan of the original. All the best to them and if nothing else, they brought a lot of awareness to a variety of subjects needing to be addressed.

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