Tuesday, March 26, 2019

'The Act' on Hulu is What We've Been Waiting For!

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'Dirty John'  was the best limited series in a long time and we were lucky to have a handful of jaw-dropping episodes to watch every Sunday on Bravo. Hulu has followed suit with the based on true events limited series, 'The Act,' starring the brilliant Patricia Arquette and breakout, Joey King. The show documents the lives of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a very twisted relationship between mother and daughter that ended in murder. For years, Dee Dee had convinced everyone around her, everywhere she went, and pretty much in the world that daughter, Gypsy, was very ill, gaining her fame, notoriety, and a lot of charitable contributions. She claimed she suffered from an array of ailments, forced her to use a wheelchair, shave her head, and undergo unneeded surgeries, as well as take unwarranted meds.

It was deemed, after her passing, Dee Dee suffered from Munchhausen syndrome by proxy; it was Gypsy's boyfriend, Nick Godejohn who would do the ultimate killing and is now serving a life sentence while Gypsy is serving a decade. Many, including Gypsy's father, who was presumed to be a deadbeat but actually supported his daughter monthly, believes her sentence should be reduced after all she went through under her mother's rule. Only time will tell about this but one thing is for sure: 'The Act' is an amazingly addictive depiction of the dependence Dee Dee truly had on Gypsy and how she would milk her daughter for all she was worth. The fact Gypsy did not lose her mind earlier is the real mind blowing part but Arquette portrays Dee Dee with such conviction, you almost begin to hate her, forgetting she is just playing a part. 

King is sweetly charming as Gypsy but only two episodes of the show have been put out, each an hour long. There will be eight episodes and, unlike other binge-worthy shows, and this one so falls into that category, a new episode is released every Wednesday. The first two started last week so if you start tonight, you will be caught up with everyone who is already on 'The Act' train. This is literally going to be an award sweep for Arquette, once again and King will be put on the map, even shaving her head for the role. It is beyond the beyond and it truly takes an amazing ensemble to captivate an audience who already knows what to expect. This is so much more than anyone could ever expect! Catch it on Hulu ASAP!

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