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'Married At First Sight' Reunion- What Changed?

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As we all saw on the season eight finale of "Married at First Sight" last week, two couples stayed together while two others chose to go their separate ways. Luke and Kate clearly needed to divorce but had Kate not spoken first, I strongly feel Luke would have tried to get them to work the marriage out. AJ and Stephanie were going to stay together despite his temper because neither wanted to be alone at 37 and 35, respectively. Will and Jasmine were just cut from very different cloths and we knew she would want to stay married but we also knew the groom had checked out weeks ago. She was way too demanding, wanting him to pay for everything and he slept a lot when she wanted someone to be intimate with. It was a mess. The "experts" felt they were making a mistake but after this season, what do they really know?? Finally, Kristine and Keith decided to stay together and had they not, it would have been game over because he worshiped her and their chemistry was off the charts. So, three months later, the couples all reunited with host Kevin Frazier to see where they are now. 
-Stephanie and AJ: still together and traveling, they are going to keep living their lives on the go for the next two years and then settle down and have a family. We thought he may have had a few eruptions and they would be in marriage counseling but we are happy all the same.
-Kristine and Keith: they had a big announcement...they bought a house! That's not a big announcement considering she's a real estate agent but since he lived at home with his grandma and mother, it is pretty huge for him so yayyyy! Clearly, they are still very happy together and enjoying married life!
-Will and Jasmine: he had the bright idea they should start dating now that they are getting divorced. It made no sense. Jasmine still believes a man should pay for everything and they are both really annoying so we can see why they were matched and maybe why they should stay together.
-Luke and Kate: Kate grew such a backbone and revealed his Facebook page said he liked both men and women and was in a relationship with a guy. She claimed she learned this from a friend while on the show and Luke said this was something he did when he was 18 as a joke. Well, you're 30 now so what's the excuse? She firmly believes, as many people do, that he is gay and when asked about his off reactions to them having sex, he claimed she forced him into it, which was not true. After they split, he invited her over, she was drunk, and he put her to bed. But now, she is dating someone new who Jasmine has met and even got a promotion at her job. She has her sparkle back and is extremely happy. Luke...still a loser. 

And there you have it. The couples are okay, at least for now. The new season will take place in North Carolina and begin in June. Who's ready? 

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