Monday, April 22, 2019

Where in the World Is 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Vanessa Cobbs?

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Did anyone else's jaw drop to the floor when they read the addendum at the end of the season 2 'Seeking Sister Wife Tell All' or was it just us? Yes, despite the other "bombshells" like Bernie and Brandy necking after their first date and Jennifer faking her own death to avoid becoming an Alldredge (that was the least shocking), finding out Vanessa Cobbs had left the Snowden fam really was the OMG moment of the season. She underwent a move from Seattle to Atlanta to Cali; did a 21-day detox diet to get her pH in check so she could have sex with Dimitri without even knowing if it would be good; gave up meat and cheese; and had her lady parts steamed with her future sister wife all to get a beach proposal and an anklet (no ring). Then, she became the first Snowden sister wife after much scrutiny and it almost seemed like it could be a decent situation...until it wasn't. She was somewhat of a nanny for the family and transformed herself into first wife, Ashley with a full on bindi, no bra, headwrap- she was in this. Then, she had a come to Jesus moment and realized this was not her calling and said #byefelicia. So, where is Vanessa now? 

There was a lot of speculation about her being an actress, and she did contact Dimitri via social media so the move to California could be considered calculated. However, she is no longer residing there. As of now, Cobbs, 34 is in Australia with her twin sister, Adrienne and our guess is they will be the next twist on a Euro version of 'Big Brother' or some other reality show. Though Dimitri claims he is grieving and he may very well be because he did seem to truly have feelings for her, Vanessa's departure ensures another season ahead for the Snowden family if they desire to search for another wife. As for now, she is living it up Down Under and maybe this is the freedom she really wants!

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