Monday, May 13, 2019

Jenelle Evans Continues to Profit Off of Losses!

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Former 'Teen Mom 2' star, Jenelle Evans really does not know how to just leave well enough alone. After her husband, David Eason killed her pup, Nugget, she left the home they shared with her three children (he also has full custody of tween daughter, Maryssa). While they were apart, she was consistently giving statements to gossip outlets about the status of her marriage, including the possibility of a divorce and shared text messages about David heading to jail around the time of the dog killing. She was soon fired from TM2, a show that has not filmed Eason since last year, leaving Evans allegedly panicking about how she would make ends meet. There were rumors she and Eason would be joining 'Marriage Boot Camp' (untrue) as she had returned home and the two were now working on their marriage. She has continued to post photos of other animals she has such as ducklings and a goat which has prompted follower outrage, wondering how long it will be until these animals are no longer. 

Friday, Child Protective Services had Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser, with ex Nathan Griffith, removed from school by Nathan's mother. He still has supervised visits so the only child she had for Mother's Day was her daughter with Eason, Ensley. Eldest son, Jace was with her mother, Barbara, who is not letting him around Evans or her husband, according to an interview Jenelle has given to Us Weekly. She says she and Nathan are working things out and she is ready to start letting him have unsupervised visits but it appears she is the one who needs supervision. She also shared it was her husband who suggested they go to couples counseling and as long as he shows up, they will stay together. This has Instagram up in arms as it is where she has continued to post the links to her interviews. No one wants to support what she is doing to her kids, her animals, and her relationship with David. It is really a shame these magazines are giving her any air time. Why are we doing it? 

Because she truly needs help. We believe she needs to get away from Eason and get some serious help to learn she can live a healthy and happy life without a man. We have never seen her without one and it is time she focuses on these children and her pets because what Eason did to her dog was unacceptable and scary. Why he has not been locked up is frightening and how he has full custody of a child is even scarier. Let us know your thoughts!

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