Tuesday, May 21, 2019

'The Big Bang Theory' Delivered the Best Series Finale!

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Last Thursday, the world said good-bye to 'The Big Bang Theory' after 12 seasons. It was the longest running multi-camera sitcom and fans, along with the cast, were extremely devastated but we were promised a sufficient ending. Our hope is that you have watched the series finale of the CBS smash hit by now or you will be upset to learn some spoilers but here they go: Penny and Leonard learned they were expecting despite the fact Penny was not so sure she ever wanted to have kids; Amy and Sheldon won the Nobel Peace Prize; Raj ended up single but gave Amy a fashionable make-over; and the elevator finally worked after all these years. But, it was during Amy and Sheldon's acceptance speech where the waterworks could not help but flow. Sheldon looked out and acknowledged the importance of each and every one of his friends (co-stars) and this truly showed the bond between all of them. All loose ends were tied up when the series ended and everyone was happy. New lives were beginning, lessons had been learned, and an elevator was working. And Amy looked the best she ever has with the glory of having her dress taken in while Penny's was let out prior to everyone learning she was expecting so this was special enough, maybe more special than the Nobel. 

You wonder how a show with so many memories can top itself in a realistic way and end on a beautiful note after 12 seasons but somehow, TBBT did it. We thought maybe Raj would marry Anu but no, dreams came true and some dreams that were not even realized came true, as well. Unlike 'Roseanne,' which was a huge let down when it ended and killed off a major character or 'How I Met Your Mother,' which was met with conflicting opinions, fans on social media have raved about this ending. What did you think? We were fans! Best ending ever!

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