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'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 4 Finale ICYMI- Reunion Prep!

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Last Sunday, 'Before the 90 Days' fans watched as season four came to an end. At least, we watched the season finale which will lead up to tomorrow's epic tell-all with host, Shaun Robinson. All of cast, with the exception of Varya and Geoffrey, will be in attendance at the reunion, taped virtually over 10 hours, due to COVID. It is going to be extremely explosive since we've learned couples have split, others have moved on, and there is bad blood among cast mates whom haven't even met based on what they have seen via television. In case you missed the finale, here is what you need to know before the reunion/tell-all and maybe a few spoilers here and there.

-Ed: he has not heard from Rose (shocker) since returning home and now he must make amends with daughter, Tiffany. At 29, she was just a handful of years older than her dad's overseas love, which caused a humongous strain on their relationship.Over a walk, he admitted he was a dumbass but failed to admit all of the wrongdoing he contributed to the downfall to his relationship with Rose. From what we could see, he has yet to tell his mom, his daughter, or his dog the truth about what a horrid person he was in the Philippines. No word of the STD test, the shaving incident, the bad breath, the vasectomy bomb drop. Very vague and I hope the hammer gets slammed on him on how to treat women by the female figures in his life...including his dog. *It appears Rose may be dating a woman post-show but we do know she contacted Ed around Valentine's Day but that was the last interaction they had. All will be told and a new ass hole will be torn tomorrow.* 
-Lisa and Usman: we watched Ms. I Am Done tie the knot in a custom made wedding gown, sans a brassiere, finally marry her dream rapper. Yes, Baby Girl Visa, I mean Lisa, and Usman aka SoujaBoy, had their Nigerian wedding surrounded by his family, including Mommy. Sadly, Mommy had to leave the reception because she was not feeling well (neither were we) but Usman did get to serenade Lisa with his signature song for her not once but twice. Now, he can finally come to America and live the dream and Lisa will give him two kids in three years according to Mommy and Nigerian lore. Unfortunately, the two are no longer together because he is seemingly crazy. He's the crazy one?!? Yup. This is after Lisa said he could have more than one wife as he would need to spread his seed. I, I just don't know anymore. 
-Avery and Ash: he was so sad to see her leave Australia but he had work to do with his passport because he did not have an Australian one because he is not really from there. It was all confusing but it would take about a year which was very hard for Avery. It was also very hard for her because he had said his ex-wife was cool with him bringing their son, Taj to America with him but Avery learned, over wine, this was not exactly true. She also learned Ash had not been divorced for 10 years but rather one so there's that. He did come visit Avery in America but there is a rumor he set Tom Brooks (Darcey's Tom) up to hit on Avery to see how committed she was shortly after one of Ash and Avery's break-ups. She said yes. It's just a hot mess we will see unravel tomorrow night. What won't Tom do for a Klondike bar?
-Darcey and Tom: she claims he had friends try to hit her up via text since she blocked him six ways to Sunday. But, she is so over him and is apparently dating a man from Hungary. Season 5?  
-Stephanie and Erika: Stephanie was upset Erika did not come see her off but why should she? Back home in New York, Steph's mom could tell something was up. Finally, she confessed she went to Australia to see Erika and it was more on the romantic side. Stephanie's mom feels her daughter is a little confused but she was firm in her feelings and the cat is now out of the bag. FYI- Stephanie has an OnlyFans page and Ed is a subscriber.
-Geoffrey and Varya: after she surprised him in Tennessee while he was dating rebound and good friend, Mary, he chose Varya and ultimately kicked Mary to the curb. In the end, he proposed to Varya and she said yes. Back to Russia she went with a promise to return not even knowing his full background. What we do know is Mary was actually super compatible with Geoff as she has a record of domestic assault from 2013. She also apparently has a child whom she never sees but that is to be proven. The couple will not be on the reunion due to outrage from fans related to Geoffrey's extensive record. They will be doing their own tell-all's once their NDA's run out.  
-Yolanda and The Williams: she has still been communicating with him so her daughter, Karra has hired a PI and he firmly believes, just by talking to her, that Yolanda has been catfished. But, he will do his investigation and we will learn the results tomorrow. If she is anything like David, she won't believe it.  
-David and Lana: the fact that she is real was the shocker of the season! Though she barely spent any time with David, they met up for dinner and he gave her and iPhone so they could communicate off of the site. Funny thing- we saw her talking to a friend on an iPhone in an earlier segment so her disappointment made a lot of sense. She dodged any monetary question regarding David but his good ole friend, Sergei the PI did email David and showed him all of the dating sites and names where Lana had been seen. In response to the email, David sent a pic back of he and his lady love. This is all while he sits lonely in his hotel room because Lana is too busy with her nephew to be with him. She did make time to bring him to the airport and see him off. They said good-bye, he started to walk away and then turned back to propose to her with the CZ ring he bought before he left for his fourth trip. She said "yes" and they did that awkward kiss thing he does and he finally left. It looks like he got his girl but rumors are now swirling that her nephew is actually her son and she may already be married. His fellow cast members go to town on him tomorrow night and I am here for it!

So, are you ready for the tell-all? What couple are you most excited to see? Who will make you yell at the screen? I will be live tweeting @3icecubes; the show begins at 8pm only on TLC so join the party!


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