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'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tell-All: ICYMI!

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There is still one more hour-long tell-all episode but for all of you season four '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fans, here is what has gone down in the first two episodes, totaling three hours. We know there was over 10 hours of footage filmed for the Zoom reunion due to COVID, and we could have easily binged all 10. However, we were given just three and they were jam-packed with bombshells, eye rolls, yelling, over talking, and more. Here is what you missed if you have yet to catch up or simply just did not have the patience for the craziness. 

-Ed and Rose: though her English is not horrible, Rose did request a translator so she could properly execute her feelings aka anger towards Ed and she was MAD. They are not on a good terms post-show as she believes he a liar but Ed claims she was actually the one who reached out to him on Valentine's Day, wanting gifts and to get back together with him, a claim Rose vehemently denied. He says he has the texts but anyone with an iPhone knows texts can be deleted. He showed silly photos he had of her on his phone, pics that could easily be stolen from her SnapChat, but she maintained he was the one who contacted her. He did say he would have given up his relationship with his daughter, Tiffany to be with Rose again. Little did he know Tiffany was waiting to come in in her own block. She was shocked and saddened to hear what her dad had said and of course, he had that stupid smirk on his face, like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He cried and said he would never give up his daughter, blah blah blah and then she came "face-to-face" with Rose for the first time. She was not kind at all and believed Rose was a liar which was infuriating. Did Tiffany not see how cruel her dad was to Rose during the trip because it was replayed for everyone at the reunion. Social media believed Tiffany had misguided anger but they also believed she was also rude just like her dad. As for the rumor Rose had been with a woman, this proved to be true. When she and Ed broke up, she started dating a woman in an effort to move on but currently is not with her. She hopes to never see him again ever but did drop the bomb that Ed wanted to make a sex tape with her and offered her money for naked photos. He, of course, denied this claim but no one believed him. The woman seemed to side with Rose, as did social media and Ed was attacked for his behavior. He had no problem going in on Delusional Dave later on, which was a sight.
-Erika and Stephanie: Stephanie addressed she was a stripper in California in her early twenties and was under the assumption Erika had seen her more candid videos she had placed on her channel. She had not. A friend of Erika's, who had met Stephanie on the trip, was brought in and was quite level-headed whereas two friends of Steph's were brought in and were obnoxious trashbags. They contributed nothing but a bunch of yelling and smack talking and host, Shaun Robinson could not mute anyone's mics. In the end, the two will not remain friends, as of now; it was the Stephanie show with her calling Erika a narcissist; and poor Erika was left without being able to defend herself and how she felt. Shaun did ask Steph how she felt when people questioned if she was really bisexual. She admitted she's had to defend it before but she knows who she is and knows she's bisexual and that's all that matters. Still no mention of her OnlyFans page but there's still a part three. 
-Avery and Ash: they were supposed to be at the reunion together but broke up right before. She claims he lied a lot. I feel like we knew that before the reunion but it must have taken some more time. The big argument was over a diet. Yes, you read that correctly. A diet. He lied about following a special diet she was on that I guess he was to be following with her and fell out of line. His response was he drinks his lemon ginger or whatever mess of a drink but for Avery, it was not enough. She said she was starting to lose feelings for him and sadly, it ended. Others wondered if it was really the diet that broke the camels back and who actually knows.What we did see, in a private Ash moment, was he was going to propose to Avery and appeared to have a ring for her. But, there was something a tad fishier in the air when Tom Brooks (Darcey's Tom) saw Avery in a square when he was talking about Darcey and refused to talk with Avery around. His screen eventually went back and they had to get him back. We will get to that later because it involves more than just Avery and Tom. 
-Tom and Darcey: because of COVID, Darcey could not get her extensions all dolled up so she went to the next best thing- a bleached blonde wig. No comment. But, she was glitter and glam with her twin sister, Stacey and best friend, Reina by her side. She spoke a lot about nothing for her intro and then Tom had his chance. At some point in this reunion, Tom came back, after he had faded to black, smoking a cigarette and with wine, so he's clearly living his best playboy life. Anyways, he explains how he did come to NYC unsure if it was really over with Darcey and that he did really love her. They did have great times but for Darcey, it was all just words. She proceeded to stand up and show off her revenge body but she was so unaware of how close she was to the camera that all we saw were sparkles from her dress. This came after they flashed us back to their NYC meeting where he asked if she had gained weight. He left that NYC with no resolution despite trying to see her to give her a letter he had written. In the end, he flew to Canada to be with his other love, Shannon but, as of the reunion, he was single and, according to a letter Shannon sent along, she wished he and Darcey all the best. He knows he acted poorly in NYC but gets better. 
-Lisa and Usman: welp, looks like he has no plans on moving to America as he revealed but Lisa would not divulge the details. He did want to know if all American women are as insane as his wife. Avery shared they are not (we really aren't) and Lisa proceeded to bring out the crazy. They have both blocked each other on social media over the past few months since marriage which is totally normal. Usman seemed to be the funniest one of the night, to be honest and it could be because he was away from Lisa. She brought up a porn star who was sliding into his DMs and of course they went at it. But, the funniest part of this sparkling duo was when Usman was asked if he would take another wife. In his culture, it is perfectly normal to take up to four wives. His response was: if Lisa could not give him a child, yes he would take another wife. Reminder: Lisa is 53 so, like Angela, she could tote it she would just need the egg. Usman also needs to be able to take care of a first wife financially if he were to take on other wives which Lisa says would not happen because they would not be "wives" but more so like baby factories, I guess. I'm a little unclear on how she sees that working if he is not planning on moving here. He also said he does not want to give up his fame in Nigeria. Lisa was very much her typical self, though she did hand out some good advice here and there to the other couples but still loves to talk over Usman, making his damn head spin. 
-Yolanda and The Williams: the PI that Yolanda's daughter, Karra had hired was on with his results. But first, Yolanda shared she had been in a coma for a month at the end of 2019 and ultimately, it looks like she may have had COVID. Poor woman cannot catch a break. So, the PI comes on and reveals he traced everything to a Nigerian scamming ring, despite The Williams saying he was British. Usman had to take a moment to defend Nigeria and scammers but then Lisa let Yolanda know there are a thing called Yahoo boys who prey upon American women and she's got at least 300 every year. They replay a conversation between Yolanda and The Williams and Yolanda says he sounds like Usman. Shaun asks if Yolanda can call The Williams and Usman jokes his phone is going to ring. He does not answer but after talking to the PI and all of her cast mates, she seems to feel more assured she has been scammed. However, she does admit if he were to text her again, the feelings would come back and she could fall for him again. David chimed in about scamming a few times but whatever he says is just words and comical because he's the king of being scammed. 
-David and Lana: Ed ripped David a new butt hole about being scammed, especially when David revealed Lana is still on the dating sites. David starting yelling but he said she has to be there because she cannot use the iPhone he got her. Why? Because she cannot type with her nails. No, for real. She cannot do it. He has not spoken to her in six days and when asked if they are still engaged, he says yes but that they are not together. I'm confused. Like, I know they are not physically together but yeah, they aren't together. OG cast member, Caesar was brought in to kind of guide David but David is so delusional, he hears no one. Oh, and he doesn't drink water, only juice.

So, Tom slid into Avery's DMs to ask if she was single and if she wanted to go to dinner. She said yes and Avery was told by Ash that Tom took a screenshot of the conversation and sent it to him. That was a lie on Ash's behalf. Tom also slid into Stephanie's DMs to ask her out but unlike Avery, he was actually interested in dating Stephanie. He also took Lisa out  to dinner when they were in NYC and told her how good she looked. So, let's be real- Tom's penis does not discriminate. Part three will air next Monday at 11pm on TLC so get your DVRs ready and make sure you tweet with us @3icecubes. 


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