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Mandi's Thoughts On 'Darcey and Stacey' Season 1 Premiere!

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It's another '90 Day Fiance' spinoff, y'all! This time, it features fan favorite (love her or hate her, you definitely know her), Darcey Silva and twin sister, Stacey on 'Darcey and Stacey.' We initially met Darcey on '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' but it is Stacey who should continue this legacy as she is engaged to Florian, who's signed the K-1 Visa, bags packed, and ready to come live in America. It's hard with the twins because they are seemingly always shopping and getting cosmetic procedures, Darcey crying over failed foreign relationships but with this new series, we get a little insight on what made them who they are. 

They moved around a lot when they were younger and did not deem themselves the most attractive, being made fun of for their looks. They, luckily, had each other and, it was not until college, that they became respected for their sense of style and started to grow into themselves. They got married and pregnant around the same time, both by foreign men (they have a type) and we learned the luxury home they live in was a gift from their father. He lives overseas in China and has been doing so for the past 24 years and now has a Chinese fiancee. What was fascinating was he came home for a visit (the twins live in CT) and had to extend his stay because China was experiencing Coronavirus. Amazing to see the beginnings of it all. 

Admittedly, their dad has been married a few times but is still going for it, like his girls. The show reflected back on Darcey's relationships with Jesse and Tom and we saw how especially toxic Jesse was. Tom does make an appearance on the premiere because they needed a true '90 Day' tie-in. But, the core of the premiere is Stacey prepping for Florian's arrival and the idea he may have cheated on her despite his denials. There are photos and it looks super sketchy but both twins wear their hearts on their sleeves though Stacey seems to be a tad more rational. Yet, she is the one paying for everything for Florian's move to America because he can't work and barely speaks the language, another thing Darcey is skeptical of. But, when she sees her sister packing to pick up her fiance, Darcey's eyes bleed jealousy and it is not a good look. But, to be fair, she just wants to be loved and in love.

I was surprised at how relatable the show was and how much I was not cringing while watching the premiere. Getting a backstory on the twins really helped me understand their physical insecurities and why they go to such lengths to look the way they do. It also made me understand why they are so close, aside from being identical twins but I could also see why they complement each other. Though they are a bit over-the-top and in your face, they are just two women trying to find love but they should realize they are super lucky because they have love within each other. I definitely think it is worth a watch, if only to get to know them better!

You can catch the series premiere of 'Darcey and Stacey' tomorrow night only on TLC.

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