Wednesday, September 11, 2019

'Married At First Sight' Finale!

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It is the season nine 'Married At First Sight' finale and we are so excited because we have made some predictions but we are ready to see if we are right or of we are wrong!

-Greg and Deonna: they both decided to STAY MARRIED so we were right!
-Iris and Keith: Iris wanted to STAY MARRIED but Keith asked for a DIVORCE. Good job, Keith for being a man and not just being a "good guy." He went with how he really felt and did what he had to and for that, we love him. Can they annul it because they never had sex? Again, we were right!
-Amber and Matt: she confronted him about him cheating on her, embarrassing her, and flirting with other people, which friends and co-workers saw. She saw how they were compatible on paper but, in the end, decided she wanted a DIVORCE and he agreed because he could not commit to her and was not ready for marriage. We were wrong about them but at least she grew a pair.  
-Jamie and Elizabeth: they both agree they want to STAY MARRIED, as we predicted.  

Did this turn out the way you thought it would when they all first walked down the aisle? Let us know. 

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