Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mandi's Predictions For the 'MAFS' Season 9 Couples!

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As season nine of 'Married at First Sight' comes to a close tomorrow evening, it is literally all or nothing for these four Charlotte couples. We have seen some dramatic episodes and some ridiculous moments but it all leads us up to the finale where they must decide if they will stay married to the strangers they wed mere weeks ago...or get a divorce. I consulted a 'MAFS' expert, Marilyn Anton and together, we have concluded what we think the couples will ultimately choose to do.

-Amber and Matt: Matt is not giving up his transient lifestyle for his new bride, even staying out all night with no contact. Amber has even had to enact a curfew but learned on the last episode her man left a bar with another woman. She seems pretty desperate so we think her answer will be STAY MARRIED. And because Matt wants money, he will agree to STAY MARRIED. But, once it is all over, he will probably bounce, leaving Amber heartbroken, crawling into the arms of the man she should have been with all along, best friend, Raven. 
-Jamie and Elizabeth: they seem to thrive on toxicity, the way Arnie and Nancy did on 'Roseanne.' How they would throw slurs at one another until they pounced. That's this couple and they love to hate each other so they will both agree to STAY MARRIED. *I think Elizabeth can do much better!*
-Deonna and Greg: they are the Kristine and Keith of this season and there is no question they will STAY MARRIED
-Iris and Keith: oh them. We love Keith and we know he does not want to hurt Iris in any way but she is just so damn immature (her big secret was swallowing a quarter, y'all) so we believe she will want to STAY MARRIED. However, Keith will be heartbroken to say this but he will want a DIVORCE. She will blame her virginity but it's her personality and overall childish behavior that has turned him off. 

You can catch the season 9 finale tomorrow night on Lifetime at 830pm. You won't want to miss it! And we will have the results in real-time right here!

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