Thursday, November 14, 2013

American Horror Story Coven Recap 11/13/13- Episode 6 By: Maxwell Kale

New week. New episode!
This week’s episode of "American Horror Story Coven" starts with yet another flash back. This time of a crazy axe murderer with an affinity for jazz music. He even puts ads in the news papers warning New Orleans of his coming attacks. Can’t beat a kind considerate murderer like that now can we? His big ad for the week was that he announces he won’t kill that is blasting jazz music in their house. The witches being the badasses they were back then compared to the lame ones now refuse to follow his demands. They lure the axe murderer in and stab him in the back Julius Caesar style. This is an epic opening.

Afterwards, Zoe finds a secret room with a Ouija board. She then talks the other two witch students into using it to find their friend Madison and offers them cups and cups of absinthe. Sadly this doesn’t work and of course they end up contact the crazy axe murderer instead. Flash to Fiona getting chemo and listening to the very depressing thoughts of her fellow patients. Apparently chemo gives witches new powers or something like that. She tells the doctor she is, “doing this for her daughter” and she must have , “One more love affair.” It is kind of bad writing because her character changed personalities almost instantly over the last episode or two.
Zoe then wants to release the axe men but the other witch students say hell no! So Zoe does it alone and is lead to the dead body of Madison. Next we see the butler attack her. After the commercial, we see Fiona’s blind daughter comes home with her husband the cheater. She touches him and all of a sudden sees his adultery and goes haywire. This episode is all about new powers out of now where mind you.
We then see the three kids question the butler and they call him, “Riff Raff.” He claims he killed her but we all know that isn’t true. The witches later assume he just lied and made it up and move on. Next we see the Stevie Nicks witch watering Myrtles dead body. Then we see her give zombie Kyle a bath. Kyle of course freaks out and breaks everything in the room while running around naked. This is all kyle does past the first episode. None the less, he breaks her favorite Stevie Nicks album and she throws him back to Zoe who just happened to show up. They bring Madison back to life. Of course she can’t remember who killed her at all.
Next we find out the Husband is a professional witch hunter working for Angela Bassett and was hired to kill all the Salem descendent witches. We find out the red head he fucked then killed a few episodes ago turned out to be a witch. Now, we see the axe murderer attack the poor blind mistress. This girl can’t catch a break. Married a witch hunter adulterer, can’t have kids, and her mom is a bitch. She basically runs and hides for a few minutes while Zoe runs around and tries to figure out how to get rid of the crazy axe killer. Zoe accomplishes this but little does she know she released him on every one else. The episode ends with Fiona in a bar and he walks right up to her and hits on her.

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