Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hair To Share!

Everyone promises that their hair dye will change the way you look and give you fabulous, manageable and brilliant hair; that almost never happens. I have been coloring my hair for more time than I'd like to admit and have tried nearly everything. Yes, I am a sucker for commercials but hey...what of it? In any case, when Vidal Sassoon released their pro-series hair dye, I was excited but skeptical. Promising me luxurious locks that were soft and matched the color on the box; no way in hell.
So I took the VS test and I was absolutely amazed and thrilled with the results. I went for Medium Blonde and have to say, my hair matched the box to a T! Not only that but the conditioner that accompanies it made my hair FABULOUS! I actually wanted to touch my hair and did that whole "hey mom, you so need to touch my hair" thing. Then she tried it (she's in her early, early sixties) and ended up in love! Now, it is the only hair color that she will use and gets compliments every day! We are huge fans of this at-home hair color, retailing for around $9.99 at Target or local grocery stores. Pick it up and fall in love! #ThreeIceCubesApproved

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