Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Favorite Reaction of the Day!

We could not end the day without posting one of the best reactions to a story we have ever seen. After E! did a story on Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maddie, 6, they used some choice words that one reader was not a fan of. Check this out (and thank you Alessandra)! Do we agree or disagree? That is debatable but we love the passion and the Kim K. slip! Awesome!

Shame on you E! for adding that "she was expecting a baby out of wedlock". You would never mention that about your beloved s l u t Kim Kartrashian you do nothing but praise her and the other "stars" who have kids out of wedlock. Why, just because she was 16? She is a successful 22 year old who has overcome becoming just another unsuccessful teen mother statistic. She is accomplished and has raised a beautiful daughter, so don't pick on her go pick on Kim. Unless your afraid of Kris Jenner, you are spineless, money-grubbing, kiss ***** and you should be ashamed.

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