Monday, November 18, 2013

Scandal Quick-Cap 11/14/13- Season 3, Ep. 7- Everything's Coming Up Mellie

This episode of "Scandal" opens with Mellie doing a TV appearance in the East Wing to show what goes on in the First Lady's office life. Cyrus walks into the filming and Mellie asks if they can cut the shooting. She wants to know why she needs to rehab her image when she isn't the one who had an affair (probably a good question).
We are then flashed back to 15 years earlier where Fitz and Mellie are called out of bed in the morning and introduced to a young Cyrus who is there to help Fitz become the next governor of California. The one thing young Fitz makes clear is that he absolutely will not run on his experience as a war hero. Cut back to the present and Quinn is in the shooting range honing her paranoia skills. Meanwhile, Olivia answers a call from Fitz who is checking up on her. Her response, however, is that she is in a graveyard filled by the people she thought she knew. Probably not the response he was expecting. Fitz tells her to stay away from Jake - who has a price on his head - and to stop looking into Remington. Back at the office Olivia calls a meeting to tell everyone that they have a new client and lo-and-behold, it is her mother. She fills in the staff that her father, as the head of the nation's most top secret spy agency, gave the order to shoot down the plane her mother was on. In bigger plane news, it turns out that there was a passenger on board who had been escorted off right before it was shot down. The passengers name: Omar Dresden. Even bigger, Fitz's father Jerry explains that he had to clean up the mess caused by Fitz shooting down the plane based on intelligence that it possible contained a dirty bomb. Fitz's father, Jerry, then proceeds to rape Mellie. When Mellie turns out to be pregnant Fitz is obviously overjoyed but Mellie knows the truth that he might not be the father. It gets a little fuzzy with all of the flashbacks between present day and past but try and stick with me here. While at the gun range Quinn learned from Charlie that he resorted to acting as a private investigator. She follows him and he offers her a chance to help out by injecting a security guard to knock him out; in reality the injection kills him and Charlie taped it. Back at the interview that Mellie is conducting, the reporter her hits her with questions about the public's perception of her since she decided to air her family's dirty laundry and Fitz comes in and defends her. To cap everything off, Olivia's father Rowan heads to a maximum security prison to meet with Omar Dresden who, it turns out, is Olivia's mother who is still alive.

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