Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scandal Quick-Cap 11/7/13- Season 3, Ep. 6- You Killed My Mama! By: Andrew Murphy

The episode of "Scandal" opens with a flashback of olivia as a child as her mother walks out the door then cuts right to the present where Olivia is seemingly catatonic at her desk while Huck, et. al. are preventing people from entering her office. Olivia hops up to share that she is heading to the whitehouse to find out who is responsible for shooting down a plane that her mother was on. The president and company expect she is there to help out with the next election but are quickly disenchanted when she asks for the truth about her mother's plane crash (Operation Remington). When the president responds with a vague answer olivia lets him know she wont be working for him and the first lady is piiiiised that she reached out to her husband's mistress and she said no to a job offer. Next thing you know we are cutting to olivia giving advice to congresswoman Josie Marcus, aptly played by Lisa Kudrow as she takes Olivia's advice and sucks up to the donors. Later, still thinking about the plane crash, Olivia calls up her father and asks whether he ordered it to which he replies that he didn't. Not satisfied, Olivia asks Jake to find proof of the president's involvement in the plane crash that claimed her mother's life. The rest of the episode is largely concerned with Olivia trying to dig up dirt on what really went down with the plane crash that killer her mother. To cap it all off, Fitz (POTUS) shows up at Olivia's place and asks her to come on the campaign trail with him. When he is unable to answer her questions regarding the crash she (not so) kindly shows him to the front door.

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