Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scandal Quick-Cap 12/05/13- Season 3, Ep. 9 - YOLO

Welcome to the Quick-Cap for "Scandal"- season 3, Ep. 9; or as I like to call it, the craziness report for the Scandal world. The episode opens with Huck about to torture Quinn for answers relating to her involvement in the death of a security guard who would have been able to provide answers that the team was looking for.

 For a while now, I have been trying to start a hashtag along the lines of #dontfuckwithhuck. Here's why (please note, this is slightly graphic):  Anywho, before he can really start his torture, Huck is interrupted by a call from Olivia to tell him that her mother is alive. He realizes this means people will be coming for her mother and tells Olivia to hang up her phone and head straight for the safe house. Back at the safe house, Maya explains to the team how she escaped from Command. The only problem, that they point out is that no one escapes from Command (Rowan/Eli/whatever you want to call him) and lo-and-behold it's discovered that Maya has been implanted with a tracking chip. Time to go. Olivia's solution is to get her mother on a plane to Hong-Kong which is easier said than done because she has been labeled a terrorist which is a no-go on the flying list. Knowing she will never be safe with Eli/Rowan around, Jake asks Fitz for help to take him out and unfortunately the entire thing turns out to be a huge trap when they attempt to infiltrate Rowan's place. My favorite psycho Huck decides to have another go at Quinn in order to get any helpful information only this time he isn't stopped by any phone calls. In Veep news, Sally decides to go pro-choice to gain the women's vote and resigns her post which does not go over well with Fitz. If you remember from last week, Cyrus' plan to blackmail Sally's husband Daniel went horribly awry when James - Cyrus' husband - realized he was being used as bait to out Daniel and jumped in headfirst and naked. Cyrus makes a feeble attempt to blackmail Sally and knowing he screwed up ends up with his tail between his legs. Back in Olivia's world, she calls Fitz to be the white knight and help get her mother out of the country. After Maya boards her flight Olivia suddenly remembers that before this all happened, someone called looking for a woman under the name that was used to keep Maya on the no-fly list; a.k.a Rowan was trying to protect Maya who really is the bad guy it turns out. Later, after having been worked over by Huck, Quinn goes with Charlie to meet Rowan and recover the footage they have of her murdering the security guard. Good thing this time she happens to be carrying another syringe. To cap off the craziness, we end with Sally calling Cyrus to let him know that she did something bad; the fact that her husband Daniel is lying dead on the floor behind her might be a slight clue as to what it is.

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